Finding her niche within the world of rings, founder and designer of VERA VEGA, Eva Lund, pays tribute to the simplicity and long lasting quality of sterling silver through her architectural-inspired adornments. Enhancing an everyday fashion, VERA VEGA use cutting-edge motifs and bold fluid lines to carve versatile designs of the highest quality and modern excellence.

Let’s take a look at her exceptional brand.

What are the main inspirations behind your jewellery?

"I find most of my inspiration from contrasts! It might sound a bit strange, but I find something very intriguing in opposing elements and asymmetrical silhouettes. This is evident in several of my designs such as the Ballroom ring where the vertical bar is teamed with a round silver bullet."

"My Danish heritage is also visible in VERA VEGA’s designs, as I prefer clean lines and a minimalist expression."

Rocket Pearl Necklace - £114.00

If you are launching (or have just launched) a new collection – please tell us all about its theme and inspiration behind it.

"I don’t launch a new collection each season instead I present new designs that fit the earlier collections. In that way VERA VEGA’s assortment gets upgraded with new designs that fit the present enabling customers to style, match and update their current jewels with new pieces."

"This makes VERA VEGA’s jewellery timeless in more than one sense. In my Rocket Pearl collection, for example, I was very much inspired by contrasting elements of the “soft” silver bullets next to the graphic shapes."

"I also find inspiration in architecture. The marble church in Copenhagen is located next to my old office. The dome is beautifully decorated with gold – this was a great source of inspiration, as well as the tower of Our Saviors Church, which I pass by every day on my way to the studio."

Le Patron Necklace - £163.00


Tell us about your journey to getting to where you are today.

"It has been a crazy journey. It’s been fun, difficult, exhausting and very giving all at the same time."

"I started drawing my first ring design on a napkin. Then I took a course in silver work and started making pieces for myself and my friends. After I created VERA VEGA, and opened the webshop, it all went very fast."

"In 2014 I turned VERA VEGA from hobby to business."

Aside from your jewellery, what are you most passionate about and driven by?

"I’m a very visual and creative person. I have a lot of ideas for creative projects I would love to start. Other than that I listen to sound books before I go to sleep. I find it to be a great way to stress down from a hectic day, shutting down all the thoughts in my head. I also enjoy going out for drinks with my friends and meeting new people."

Diamond Madison Earring/ear-cuff - £159.00 

What makes your jewellery unique?

"VERA VEGA is unique because every single piece has a little personal twist to it. Many of the designs are versatile and can be worn in different ways. I also don’t make new collections every season, but develop and upgrade the assortment constantly. My designs can be mixed in endless way enticing modern women to create a unique voice of their own."

Tell us about the provenance of your jewellery.

"I design all my designs in Copenhagen. VERA VEGA’s Scandinavian origin is visible in the aesthetic of the designs."

Ballroom Ring - £123.00

What is your favourite piece of jewellery (personally) and what is the story behind it?

"That is a tough one as it changes every season. But for one, rings are definitely my favourite category. If I have to be more specific the Willow Double ring, Lenox with forest green stones, the Crystal Rock ring, Ballroom and Madison ring are some of my designs I’m especially happy about. I wear these most often."