The best way to offset a tan? Layers of warm, golden-hued jewellery. Whether it’s real or bottled (don’t worry, we won’t tell), make your tan pop this summer with a touch of gold jewellery.

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Warmer days and longer nights mean baring more skin and more attention on your jewels of choice. So, forget about giving your wardrobe a complete overhaul and switch your focus to your jewellery box. Gold jewellery goes hand in hand with summer months, and this season we can’t get enough of its warm tones. The best way to wear it? With a cold drink in hand and layered to perfection.

Time to dig out those statement gold earrings, layer up all your gold pendants and be brave enough to wear that statement gold bangle that’s been gathering dust – a splash of gold will take a tan from lacklustre to luminous in one fell swoop.

From warrior-like, structured cuffs to pretty necklaces that you can layer from your collar bone down to your waist – we’ve picked jewels that will see you through everything from nights out with the girls to balmy evenings by the beach. The tans will eventually fade but the memories (and the jewellery) will last forever…


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