You may be wondering how on earth there is a new way to wear bracelets; surely you just wear them on your wrist, right? Wrong. Welcome the hand bracelet; an innovative and unique take on the classic bracelet design, which sits elegantly across the palm of the hand instead of the wrist. One designer brand creating exceptional hand bracelets is Gaydamak.

gaydamak sisters

The sister-duo behind the Parisian brand, Katia and Sonia Gaydamak, grew up in Paris where they were inspired by amazing jewellery that was always being reinvented to push the limits of design. They founded their brand in 2009, and since then Sonia and Katia wanted to add a signature piece to their name. One day when Katia was wearing a traditional bracelet that was too big, it fell on to her palm towards her fingers and that was it; the hand bracelet was born.

Forever thinking outside the box and never limiting their creations, it is key to Sonia and Katia that they create jewellery that is completely original in design. “The hand is such an important part of the body, yet not exploited to its highest potential; so we thought of another way to embellish it. We brought to the market a new and innovative piece of high end of jewellery at a price that woman understand.”

Designed to enhance the femininity of one of the most expressive parts of the body, their designs are fluid and architectural, all handcrafted from an array of precious metals and finished with opulent gemstones. Each collection starts with a theme or idea, lately the sisters have focused on lace and the different techniques that are used to represent the feminine fabric in architecture and jewellery. After creating a mood board of colours and concepts to help them view the ultimate result, Sonia and Katia draw sketches of their vision and then sit with their jewellers to determine volumes, dimensions and techniques before they are handcrafted.

What we admire most about these talented siblings is their passion and desire to create exceptionally innovative and unique jewellery for cosmopolitan women like themselves, because this results in remarkable, radiant pieces with a touch edge. “The Gaydamak woman has to feel confident about herself. That is the key to any style. Modernity has a funny way to make us all live crazy lives, so jewellery shouldn’t be a headache. It has to be worn day and night, with jeans or an evening gown alike.”

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