The popularity of Black Diamonds is continuing to grow in the fashion world, with many celebrities making this trend more noticeable. 

Here on JewelStreet we have Black Diamonds galore! Whether you fancy a subtle Black Diamond bracelet or a bold Black Diamond ring, we have a selection from the world's finest independent designers for you to find the perfect pieces.

Selection of Black Diamond Jewellery

Learn more about this precious stone: 

- It is the toughest form of natural diamond.

Larger Black Diamonds are actually made up of millions of other, smaller black crystals.

Black Diamonds don’t shine in the traditional way. They actually absorb light instead of reflecting it, meaning their beauty comes from their surface which is polished like marble.

Rough natural Black Diamonds are found in Brazil and Central African Republic.

Black Diamonds will give you instant chic style, they are very elegant giving any outfit that exquisite look.

There is no reason why you can't pair your Black Diamond jewellery with any other colour diamond or gemstone - anything goes.

Celebrities and fashion runways have bought this Black Diamond trend even more to the surface recently. Check out these stunning Black Diamond looks you can recreate perfectly with pieces from our talented independent designers here on JewelStreet:

Actress Rebecca Wisocky styled an all black outfit with a Black Diamond pendant necklace, giving the plain outfit the kick it needed to stand out. Black Biamond necklaces will add that dazzle to any outfit, whether the chain is gold, silver or rose gold. Layering these will also give an amazing affect.


        Swan Necklace With Black Diamonds | Rose Gold Black Diamond Pendant | Filigree Necklace With Black Diamond


                                                              Finestrino White Gold Pendant | Reversible Necklace

Rita Ora shows off a gothic chic look here, accessorising with a dramatic Black Diamond ear cuff. This look can be easily duplicated by you, one of these ear cuffs or pair of earrings will make your whole look eye-catching.


             Claw Black Diamond Ear Cuffs | Black Diamond Thorn Earrings | Bang Bang Gold Earrings With Black Diamond


                                                            Mbizi Earrings | Revoada Pave Earrings With Black Diamonds

Emily Blunt pulls off this massive Black Diamond ring with ease. Black Diamond rings will without a doubt make a statement on their own. These can be styled with any colour so you have no excuse not to wear one.


                       Rose Gold & Black Diamond Clasico Ring | Oval Black Diamond Ring | Black Diamond Ring


                                                   Sea Urchin Sapphire And Black Diamonds Ring | Nightfall Ring

Audrina Patridge shimmers in this Black Diamond bracelet, they are starting to replace the statement necklace trend. Statement bracelets are a thing and you need to take it on, they make for an easy outfit brightener.


         Black Diamond Bracelet With Tassel | Rigid Black and White Bubbles Bracelet | Black Diamond Pavé Ball 


                                          Black Diamond Tassel Bracelet | Bang Bang Black Diamonds 5 Bullets Bracelet