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What is abalone?

Abalone are marine snails which contain an inner layer of mother-of-pearl, which is used in jewellery. The shells of abalones have a small, open spiral structure and inside a thick layer of the shell is composed of nacre (also known as mother-of-pearl). In many species this layer is highly iridescent with beautiful and changeable colours, making it incredibly covetable as jewellery. This natural iridescence that lines the inside of the shell can vary in colour, from deep blues, greens and purples to soft, silvery whites and pinks. It often has a whiteish background, but this is sometimes dyed various colours.

Abalone shells have been found in archaeological sites all over the world; from deposits in South Africa that are over 75,000 years old to historic Chinese abalone middens on California's Northern Channel Islands.

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Abalone meaning

Throughout history there have been a range of myths and opinions on what the true abalone meaning is and what it can bring to the wearer.

Abalone meaning is often linked with feelings of peace, compassion, serenity and love;

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being especially useful for handling and calming emotional situations. Many people believe that having abalone nearby when working through an emotional situation can be beneficial and can enhance cooperation. Crystal experts believe abalone meaning can help to gently open one’s psychic and intuitive connections, and enhance the four C’s: communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise.  

Abalone jewellery can make a beautiful gift for someone who has been through a difficult time, as it represents strength and inner beauty; it is tossed and turned in the flow of the ocean for many years, but through this process its true beauty shines through.  

You might not know...

The dust created by grinding and cutting abalone shell is very dangerous, so appropriate safeguards have to be taken to protect people from inhaling these particles.

Abalone is regarded as a particularly calming and soothing stone, and abalone meaning is linked to soothing nerves and encouraging a relaxed and composed demeanour.

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