Jo and I had been dating for 18 months and I knew 'she was the one'. One day it just hit me... 'what are you waiting for?'

Knowing nothing about jewellery, I called my friend Rich, who told me to come to London that weekend and he'd help me out. Rich worked for the BBC and managed to get us tickets to Strictly Come Dancing on the Saturday night.

I arranged to meet Rich in a pub in central London at lunchtime. Typically, it was tipping down with rain and for some reason he turned up wearing a balaclava. After a few pints, we walked to Tiffany's (Sorry, I knew no better at the time!) on Bond Street.

The sight of two drenched men, slightly inebriated, one wearing a balaclava (quickly taken off), alerted the security guard who duly followed us around the building until we found the engagement rings.

One month's salary later, I emerged with 'the ring' and we hot footed it to the Strictly Come Dancing studios to meet Jo and her friend Alex.

The girls went into the studio to watch the show whilst Rich and I decamped to the Green Room and had a few drinks with the celebrities. Word spread that I'd just purchased an engagement ring, and I stupidly opened the box to show a few people.

I couldn't get the ribbon tied as well as Tiffany's had done it, so went to the toilet and again took out the ring to try and repackage it perfectly.

It was when I was in the toilet that Bruno Tonioli appeared out of a cubical, saw me struggling with the packaging, got chatting, and suggested I come on stage to propose in front of hundreds of people...

Never going to happen Bruno.

Quite frankly Jo would have killed me if I'd done anything as public as that.

My actual proposal took place a few weeks later on Christmas Day.

Jo and I had bought our first home together. Just a small one-bedroom Victorian flat in need of complete refurbishment. We didn't have heating, we didn't have a kitchen and we didn't have a bathroom to speak of, but we did have the most beautiful 10-foot-high Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning we opened our presents in bed, then I told Jo there was one more present hidden in the Christmas tree.

I followed her into the living room. Jo found the box, she turned to me, and she said...

"What is it? A paperweight?"

I told her to open it and find out. When she opened the box, she started shaking. She sat on the settee, I dropped to one knee and asked if she would marry me. She said yes.


Two years later, we got married in Thailand, on a beach, in front of 32 friends and family.

We've been married for 7 years now and since finding JewelStreet I've bought 4 or 5 pieces for various birthdays and anniversaries, which have all gone down a treat.

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