It’s almost time to put down those September Sapphires and opt for October Opal.

Some of the hottest trends for the coolest part of 2018 are glamorous ring stacks, autumnal leaves, and 80's-inspired chic (oh yes the 80's are back); and Opal is the oh-so-versatile gemstone to add a touch of sparkle to these autumn trends.

Many ancient cultures believe Opals to hold magical properties. The Bedouins thought they contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms, whilst the Romans believed it was the most precious and powerful gemstone of all.

A unique and quirky gemstone, Opal is renowned for its display of rainbow colours; when you think Opal you think colourful sparkles. Precious Opal is the stone for you if you desire flashing play-of-colour rainbow sparkles, or common Opal if you want a solid, clear stone. Either way, these stones are completely dazzling and the ultimate gemstone to take you into the autumn months.

Autumn Leaves
Embrace the autumn by adorning your outfits with autumnal leaves. Our designers have got the perfect autumn and nature inspired jewellery to get you through the winter months.

Gold is a classic opal companion. Golds are wonderfully warming, effortlessly complement the autumn colour schemes and it is the perfect material to craft autumn leaves in. These beautiful yellows compliment the vivid blues of the opal stones of Socheec’s and Gallardo and Blaine Designs’ luxurious leaf earrings.

Socheec | Maple Leaf Opal Stud Earrings | £1,180
Gallardo and Blaine Designs | Leaf Earrings | £114
The Socheec stud earrings are the perfect way to add a subtle autumn opals to your outfits this October. The charming maple leaf shape and bright blue hues will shine through your luscious locks and effortlessly complement any outfit you pair them with. The natural shape and bright stones offer an everyday alternative to traditional stud earrings with a seasonal theme this October.

For a bolder style this October add a pair of leaf inspired drop earrings from Gallardo and Blaine Designs. The pale blue Opal will reflect and catch the natural light on chilly sunny days and effortlessly compliment your check scarf collection.

Sparkling Opal Ring Stacks
Ring stacks are one of this autumn's must-have trends. Ring stacks are fun, stylish and a great way to wear all of your favourite rings all at the same time. An Opal stone is the perfect way to add a hint of sparkle to your stack.

To ease into this trend, start with the Opal Coil ring from Lavan. Handcrafted in sterling silver, this coil ring provides you with a stack style in one piece! Perfect if you’re not quite sure how to stack your favourite bands yet. Decorated with blue, green, pink and purple opals this ring will provide your fingers with an explosion of colour sure to light up every room you're in.

ORA Pearls | Gold Opal Orb Ring | £55

If you’re already a ring-stack expert why not add some sparkling white fire Opals? ORA Pearls and Bergsoe’s rings update the classic Opal and gold combination with contemporary designs.

The Seafire ring will stand out in any stack, drawing all attention; style with simple bands to let this quirky ring shine. The diamond adds a subtle sparkle that elegantly complements the tear-drop Opal.

The Orb ring from ORA Pearls features an intricate 14kt yellow gold beaded band and a round Opal charm, giving this band a vintage-chic style. Both would effortlessly shine solo or make the perfect ring stack companion.

80’s Inspired Opal
We’ve all heard the buzz, the 80's are back and better than ever. Style you leopard print and corduroy trousers with big opal statement ring and neon hues.

Do you love the big bold neon's of the 80's? Why not add a touch of 80's to your everyday style with these stud earrings. London Road Jewellery have combined big round-cut Opals and colorful Diamonds, Sapphires and Tsavorites to create bold, dynamic and bright stud earrings, sure to add a big splash of colour to any outfit.

London Road Jewellery | Yellow Gold Opal Multi-Gem Harlequin Earrings | £495
Ger Breslin | Hard Candy Ring | £218

If the Opal Multi-Gem Harlequin earrings are a bit to “WOW” for you but you still love the 80's opal vibes the Hard Candy ring from Irish designer-maker Ger Breslin is the piece for you. This one-of-a-kind statement ring features a hand-cut irregular shaped pink opal, encased in a sterling silver frame. The beautiful coral pink isn’t as vibrant as neon but the size of this ring still makes a bold statement.