Australian artist Yvonne West is renowned for her contemporary landscapes and colourful still-life paintings. Join us today in our latest Designer Interview, as Lauren tells us more about her art practices. 

How did your brand begin?

I've been an artist in Australia for over 30 years working professionally. 

In those years I've won over 100 podium finishes in art competitions. 

Is there anyone in particular who has heavily influenced/guided you as a designer?

My perspective comes from my Australian heritage and background, which is evident in my work. 

I like to showcase Australia's beautiful landscapes, wildlife and people, and to bring a fresh perspective to them.

Are there any specific manufacturing/crafting techniques you use?

I work in an eclectic range of mediums and styles. 

Versatility is an important part of my creativity. I paint everything from bold and vibrant abstracts to delicate, intricate portraits. 

I love to experiment with techniques within each piece as well.

How do you want someone to feel when they wear/use your designs?

My work is for everyone who appreciates the beauty of fine art, whether they're avid collectors or first-time buyers. 

I want them to enjoy timeless, elegant, and captivating paintings that make a statement wherever they hang them.

Four Stanza Poem by Yvonne West

Yvonne's paintings are a sight to see,

A true reflection of her creativity.

Her eclectic range of styles and mediums,

Is a testament to her artistic genius.

From bold and vibrant abstracts to delicate portraits,

Her work speaks volumes of her talents.

Her love for experimenting with different techniques,

Makes each piece a masterpiece unique.

Her paintings showcase the beauty of Australia's land,

A testament to her heritage and love for the sand.

From the wildlife to the people and the landscapes,

Yvonne's art brings Australia to life on her canvas.

A true artist with over 30 years of experience,

Yvonne's work is a true testament to her persistence.

With over 100 podium places and awards in her name,

Her art will continue to shine and remain.

Thank you very much for talking with us Yvonne!

Discover more of her beautiful contemporary paintings on JewelStreet with Yvonne West Fine Art Studio.