Looking to turn heads this winter? We’ve raided Santa’s Grotto, and found some of the most gorgeous animal-inspired Christmas jewellery pieces for you to wear. Handmade by expert jewellers (from the North Pole and beyond), these are limited edition pieces that are in high demand on the lead up to Christmas.

If you’re looking for a seasonal piece of jewellery to wear ice skating, to a Christmas party, or to wear in the comfort of your home by a roaring fire, then look no further. We have a delightful selection of charming and playful pieces for you to choose from.

Take the reins dear…

It’s your turn to get in the saddle, and take the reins off of the big man himself. Let Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen lead you through the festive season with this gorgeous Sterling Silver & Gold Frame Deer Origami Necklace.

This majestic creature is depicted through a geometric and angular design. Did you know that a deer is a symbol of instinctual energy and regeneration, as its antlers shed and regrow each year? This is a lovely reminder that you can be whoever you want to be, and can run wild when channeling the energy of this majestic animal.

This is a cool and contemporary three-dimensional design that will be sure to get you noticed.

 Origami Deer

Origami Jewellery | Sterling Silver & Gold Frame Deer Origami Necklace | £107.00

Owl find you the perfect necklace…

Another festive jewellery item that would be fitting for the season is the Rose Gold & Pearl Owl Eden Pendant by Chekotin Jewellery. This piece is 14kt rose gold, and is set with glistening diamonds with the addition of a single pearl. The beautiful contrast of metals and stones reflects the contrasts within nature, which are a source of inspiration for Chekotin Jewellery.

This is an item that can be worn in the depths of winter to brighten up the darker days. Or, you can wear it in the searing heat (fingers crossed) of summer. Point being, this owl is a timeless charm of wisdom and good fortune.

 Rose Gold & Pearl Owl Eden Pendant   Rose Gold & Pearl Owl Eden Pendant    Rose Gold & Pearl Owl Eden Pendant

Chekotin Jewellery | Rose Gold & Pearl Owl Eden Pendant  | £2,438.00

Antlers and animals...

The magical and enchanting Stag Antler Necklace by Uma K was inspired by moments with animals in their natural habitats. Faux antlers are often incorporated into winter interior design, and are a prominent feature in log cabin settings. Why not introduce this statemented and captivating natural shape into your jewellery cabinet?

Pair this necklace with a v-neck or off-the-shoulder dress for full impact.

 Sterling Silver White Opal Stud Earrings    Sterling Silver White Opal Stud Earrings

Uma K  | Stag Antler Necklace | £1,278.00

Straight from the antarctic…

Straight from the antarctic, the Tiny Penguin Necklace and Penguin Drop Earrings by Jane Reinhardt Jewellery make for great stocking fillers. Available in either sterling or gold plated silver, they suit a variety of skin tones and compliment a variety of clothing styles.

These adorable and endearing pieces are light as a feather, and are a contemporary and minimalist depiction of the animal. Both playful and precious, Jane Reinhardt’s handmade pieces are made to be treasured.

Make others jealous, and walk with your head high, hair up, and earrings and necklace proudly on show.

 Tiny Penguin Necklace   Tiny Penguin Necklace   Tiny Penguin Earrings

Jane Reinhardt Jewellery | Tiny Penguin Necklace, Penguin Drop Earrings | £95.00 and £139.00

Spread your wings and fly...

Be quick, there is only one Silver & Pearl Bird in the Bower Necklace left! This piece really encompasses all the excitement and playfulness that Christmas brings. Delicately constructed from sterling silver, this enchanting bird with a gilded wing is perching above a single freshwater biwa pearl in the shape of a star.

Perfect for the festive season, this charming necklace design exudes joy.

 Silver & Pearl Bird in the Bower Necklace

Xuella Arnold Jewellery | Silver & Pearl Bird in the Bower Necklace | £150.00