January may have dragged on, but February has been as fast as the speed of light! A new month means a new birthstone and March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. Here’s everything to know about aquamarine, fun facts and our top picks for aquamarine jewellery.

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What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a blue variety of beryl, a naturally occuring mineral crystal. The name ‘aquamarine’ originates from the Latin word for seawater, and the colour ranges from pale blues to richer aqua green colours, embodying the splendour of the ocean. Aquamarine is found in the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania.

The colour and clarity of aquamarine determines its quality and value. The natural blue and green colours of aquamarine are the most desired. Aquamarine gemstones are often heat-treated to remove any yellow tints or tones and to enhance the blue colour. Aquamarine is less coveted than other forms of beryl, like green emeralds and pink morganites, so larger aquamarine stones are easier to find.

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Facts about Aquamarine

Due to aquamarine gemstones’ likeness to the ocean, it was thought to protect those at sea. The Ancient Romans believed it would protect those from the dangers of the sea and sailors believed it made them more safe and fearless on open waters. As far back as 480 BC, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, because of its protection abilities growing stronger when immersed in water.

Aquamarine is a ‘Good Luck’ stone, thought to provide feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness to its wearers. It provides harmony and balance and is believed to bring affection to its wearer from loved ones and friends.

Aquamarine is a popular stone used in fortune telling and revelations. When cut into crystal balls, it is said to be the superior stone for fortune telling and is the best stone for revealing messages, when dropped in water.

Along with its protective properties at sea, aquamarine is said to maintain balance and have soothing effects on couples. Aquamarine’s power is said to ensure a long and happy marriage and it tends to be gifted a lot for anniversaries and wedding gifts.

As well as the birthstone for March, aquamarine is also the Zodiac Stone for Pisces. 


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Here are the top picks for aquamarine jewellery, perfect for those with May birthdays and those who feel a deep connection to the sea.


Aquamarine looks best with cooler metals, like silver or white gold. The pale blue and aqua green tones of the aquamarine looks beautiful alongside cooler materials, so as not to draw attention away from the gorgeous gemstone.


Julia Lloyd George Aquamarine And White Gold Necklace (Middle)| £1,890.00
LJD Designs | Tahiti Beach Bib Necklace (Right)| £3,598.00


Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation The Ocean of Infinity Yellow Gold Necklace (Left)| £245.00
Conges | I Inspire And Calm What I See Necklace (Right)| £3,408.00


Aquamarine’s calming and soothing properties make it a great stone to wear in jewellery. Wearing a piece of aquamarine around the wrist is beneficial to its wearer, providing them with protection and balance.

Isla Minimalist Bangle With Aquamarine (Left)| £91.00
Olivia Leone Rhodium Plated Silver Multi-Colour Party Bracelet (Right)| £118.00
Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation Sterling Silver Flow & Relief Bracelet (Left)| £30.00
Reeves and Reeves Rough Stone Aquamarine Bracelet (Middle)| £295.00
knotcouture | Leather Aquamarine Bracelet (Right)| £195.00


Aquamarine is a fantastic stone to use in engagement rings. It is reported to ensure the durability and love in a married couple as well as providing them with good energy and blessings.


Oh my Christine Jewelry Oval Aquamarine Ring With Diamond Band (Left)| £902.00
Wonder Fine Jewellery 14kt Yellow Gold Wonder Ring With Aquamarine (Middle)| £265.00
Serena Fox| ACROSI 18kt White Gold & Aquamarine Ring (Right)| £2,258.00


RUBINIA GIOIELLI 18kt White Gold Aquamarina Iolite Ring (Left)| £2,136.00
Olivia Leone Rhodium Plated Silver Milky Aquamarine Ring (Right)| £54.00


Adding gemstones to any stud or drop earrings is a great way to add more colour and texture into any look. They can be subtle or they can be over-the-top, but either way, aquamarine earrings are striking and add elegance and serenity.


Pomegranate Waterfall Earrings With Aquamarine (Left)| £145.00


XISSJEWELLERY Aquamarine Stud Earrings (Middle)| £48.00