The beautiful thing about jewellery is that ultimately, you can wear whatever you want. Jewellery differs from clothes in that respect. Where oversized shoulder pads have been left behind in the 80s, the jewellery styles of the past have come with us to the present. However, people still make common mistakes when it comes to accessorising, especially the most loved jewellery item - earrings. Here are 5 common earring mistakes and how you can avoid them and get the best out of your earrings.


Are you… not matching your jewellery to your hair?

9kt Yellow Gold Moon Sleeper Earrings 9kt Yellow Gold Moon Sleeper Earrings

Black Betty Design | 9kt Yellow Gold Moon Sleeper Earrings | £75

A big mistake with earrings is just chucking them on and forget about them, which is very easily done when you’re not matching your jewellery to your hair. Earrings should complement the hair and face, and vise versa. Depending on your hair length, it can hide your earrings completely. If you’ve got multiple earrings in and your hair is down, how are people supposed to see them?! To avoid this mistake, always make sure to style your hair to accentuate your earrings. Hair down? Go for studs. Hair up? Go for drop earrings. Half up-half down? Fill your ears up with all different kinds of earrings. Click here to read our blog about earrings to wear with every hairstyle.


Are you… avoiding clip-ons?

Sterling Silver Lunar Ear Cuff Black Clip-On Sterling Silver Lunar Ear Cuff Black Clip-On

LARA HEEMS | Sterling Silver Lunar Ear Cuff Black Clip-On | £135

This is such a common mistake and one that can be easily rectified. There has been a long debate about whether it’s better to wear clip-on earrings or have your ears pierced. Well, we’re settling this debate today. Clip-on earrings are the perfect way to test if you actually like the way you look when you’ve got earrings in. This will save you the trouble (and pain) of getting your ears pierced if its not a commitment you want to make just yet, rather than avoiding earrings entirely. Clip-ons are versatile and are now more accessible than ever. Not only are they made for the earlobes, but you can also get clip-on cartilage piercings. Try before you pierce with clip-on earrings.


Are you… not highlighting your face shape?

14kt Rose Gold Character Hoops 14kt Rose Gold Character Hoops

Katie Belle | Gold Vermeil Mini Beaded Hoops £40

The right pair of earrings can accentuate your face but if you’re wearing the wrong style, they can draw attention in an unflattering way. Find out what your face shape is and choose earrings that will accentuate your bone structure. For round faces, stylish drop earrings will lengthen the face beautifully. For more oval shapes, choose simple studs to highlight the cheekbones. For square faces, circular and oval earrings like hoops balance out the two shapes in an attractive way. Discover your face shape and the earring possibilities are endless!


Are you… wearing the wrong earrings to the wrong occasion?

Sterling Silver & Black Spinel Moroccan Star Stud Earrings Sterling Silver & Black Spinel Moroccan Star Stud Earrings

Murkani Jewellery | Sterling Silver & Black Spinel Morrocan Star Stud Earrings | £36

Earrings are the most loved accessory, simply because you can wear them all the time. However, it’s important to pick the right ones for the right time, otherwise they look out of place. For example, you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to another other occasion than a ball, because otherwise it’d look out of place. This mentality is what you need when it comes to accessories. So, if you’re heading to an interview, it’s best to leave the oversized drop earrings at home, otherwise you’ll detract attention from yourself to your swinging earrings. When in doubt, pick studs.


Are you… wearing heavy earrings?

Sterling Silver & Leather Eyelet Tassel Earrings Sterling Silver & Leather Eyelet Tassel Earrings

Naomi Davies Jewellery | Sterling Silver & Leather Eyelet Tassel Earrings | £89

It is a common misconception that your ears don’t experience the effects of aging. As you age, so does your skin and your earlobes are no exception, especially when you’re wearing heavy earrings. Heavy earrings weigh down the ears, making them sag prematurely and drawing attention to the wrong places. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite drop earrings or play around with your accessories. Simply pick earrings that are light and comfortable - we’d recommend tassels.

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