Spring is nearly upon us, and we all know what that means… festival season! As the air gets warmer, the days get longer, and our desire for fun and funky beats becomes insatiable, those festival feelings vibrate through our minds. Festivals are the perfect way to spend your summer days. Good music, gourmet food stalls, gin and tonics, and of course, festival fashion. I don’t know about you, but I plan my festival outfits months ahead of the event. You can feel completely carefree when channeling festival fashion. It’s certainly the opportunity to release your inhibitions through sequins and feathers or leather and latex. Anything goes, which is why festival-goers never fail to serve up some bold fashion finesse.

Even so, each and every festival seems to have its own aesthetic. Music and fashion go hand in hand. Think about how the punk rock revolution inspired the explosion of studded jewellery, neon clothing and leather chokers. Woodstock festival attracted the fun-loving hippies, which we look back over via a sea of flared jeans, boho prints and beaded jewellery. Discover the specific styles of festivals around the world. I have handpicked the perfect jewellery pieces for each festival so you can feel confident and cool whilst enjoying your favourite tunes.


Black & Gold Rhinestone Tassels Earrings Coachella Festival 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Eye Necklace

Coachella is the go-to festival for some hot summer beats with A-list company. Founded in 1999 in California, this annual festival is jam-packed with everything straight out of your teenage dreams. Enjoy ferris wheels, beauty bars and an array of Cali-style food stalls. With colour, texture and endless patterns, the boho aesthetic is THE one to harness at Coachella. Think fringe, suede and colourful gemstones - layer up your favourite jewellery for a bohemian style that will radiate fun. FARRA’s tassel earrings are the perfect Coachella pick. Pair with a floral dress or playsuit for a flirty and youthful look. To complete your Coachella outfit, Laura Galasso’s gold eye necklace is the perfect pick. Dainty and elegant, you’ll feel like a bohemian goddess whilst dancing under the Californian sun.


18kt Gold Dipped Medium Golden Link Earring Glastonbury Jamestown Green Bloodstone Gold Ring

Glastonbury is the UK’s most famous and historical festival. Founded in 1971, headliners have included music legends such as David Bowie, Radiohead and Muse. Today, Glastonbury festival is attended by approximately 175,000 people. The ethos of Glastonbury festival lies in 1970s hippie counterculture, yet Glastonbury has evolved to appeal to all people regardless of age or politics. Being based in England, rain is often a staple aspect of the festival, which is why the festival is renowned for its incredible line-ups rather than its fashion finesse. (Of course, a pair of wellies is pretty much mandatory). Whilst functionality is key for Glastonbury attire, this means your jewellery can take the spotlight. Harness the Glastonbury edgy and laid-back aesthetic with cool jewellery that exudes effortless style. Glenda Lopez’ link earring is the perfect place to start. Style with PHIRA LONDON’s traditional British signet ring for a Glasto look that is timeless and elegant.

Splendour in the Grass

Fern Green Oval Textured Pendant Necklace Splendour In The Grass Scarab Body Chain With Rubies

Australian music festival, Splendour In The Grass, is the epitome of sunny fun. Showcasing some of the biggest names in the music industry, from Kanye West to Blur, this festival has something for everyone. The fashion of this festival is certainly eclectic. A mix between the boho style of Coachella and the rainbow palette of Tomorrowland, Splendour In The Grass is the event which puts Australian style on the map. As you party in the sun down under, wear jewellery that will catch the light. Nadia Minkoff creates striking jewellery using colourful gemstones. Her green textured pendant has a tribal feel to it which gives the necklace an authentic edge. Imagine how magically the light will reflect in the summer sun, casting green hues all over your outfit. Wear with Conges body chain. Focussed around a bold blue sapphire, this body chain will imbue your festival attire with luxury and opulence.

Burning Man Festival

Button Leather Cuff Burning Man Festival Universe Bracelet Silver

Burning Man is the annual festival held in the Nevada Black Rock Desert. Championing values of self-expression and self-reliance, Black Rock City is the temporary community erected over the festival period. Burning Man has a ‘leave no trace’ policy, meaning every single item taken to the space is removed after the event, leaving the landscape unspoilt. This festival is renowned for its ethical values and advocation of selflessness. However, the festival is also renowned for it creative and incredible fashion ensembles worn by the festival-goers. From heavy metal accessories to skimpy leather outfits, you cannot forget the wild and free outfits associated with Black Rock City. Inspired by the rockstar aesthetic of Burning Man festival, I have chosen Annika Rutlin’s Button Leather Cuff and a heavy metal chain bracelet by Buddha to Buddha. Of course, you can wear anything to Burning Man and fit in. But revel in the signature aesthetic of the festival with rock and roll jewellery.


Rainbow Egg Box Ring Trio Tomorrowland Sterling Silver Rainbow Stud Earrings

Tomorrowland is a place for the weird and wonderful. This festival is a kaleidoscopic dream renowned for its extraordinary light effects and sound system. Showcasing the leading electronic dance musicians of today, Tomorrowland has grown into one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Based in Belgium, Tomorrowland attracts festival-goers from all over the world. Myths of having to crawl into music tents are all part of the appeal of this elusive festival. And the clothing certainly matches this carnivalesque dream. Sequins, feathers, rainbows and glitter - you’ll see everything at this festival! For me, I would embrace the splashes of colour with coloured gemstone jewellery. Jana Reinhardt Jewellery’s rainbow studs will infuse your outfit with fun and playfulness. Team up with the egg box ring to match the wild and wavy festival vibes! With these beautiful jewellery picks adorning your body, you’re bound to have a smile on your face!
Images sourced from Pinterest