Discover 5 Jewellers From 5 Different Countries

Around The World With 5 Jewellery Designers

Here at JewelStreet, we represent designers from over 45 countries. Our platform is global. Each designer is handpicked, because, when it comes to jewellery, you deserve the crème de la crème! With jewels sourced from the hidden corners of the world, our marketplace is rich with culture. To help you navigate through our abundance of fantastic jewellery, join me on a journey around the world and meet 5 of our global designers!

Perhaps you have a Christmas mini-break coming up. Or you’re planning your summer getaway. Take inspiration from these leading designers and fall in love with a new brand - maybe even a new place.


18kt Rose Gold Coup De Coeur Ring With Watermelon Tourmaline18kt Yellow Gold Moonstone Earrings

Belgium based designer, Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver champions a romantic and classic aesthetic. For Marie, ethical responsibility lies at the heart of her brand. Marie only uses recycled gold and sources exclusively sustainable gemstones from conflict-free sellers. Inspired by the Belgian countryside, Marie seeks inspiration in nature:

“flowers, petals, butterflies, birds etc. Special forms of gemstones can also be a starting point for a new design. Or emotions like love, joy and happiness.”

The source of Marie's inspiration is resonant in the organic shapes and natural stones of her jewellery. Imagine ambling through the lamp-lit streets of Bruges with the Coup De Cour Ring glittering in the moonlight. Or dining at Comme Chez Soi, with your Moonstone Earrings dancing with the warm red wine hues. Marie's jewellery is infused with romance, designed to suit your European getaway.


18kt Yellow Gold Elizabeth Ring18kt Yellow Gold Charlotte Necklace


New Zealand based designer Melissa Anderson glances back to the past for inspiration. Captivated by the Victorian-era and their ornate attention to detail, Anderson crafts elaborate yet delicate pieces to mimic the age of elegance. Melissa believes jewellery should carry a personal message, and therefore all of her pieces are unique and original.

“For me, Victorian jewellery embodies the aspects of crafting I love the most - the obvious handmade quality, and the personal associations to each piece, making it so precious to the wearer”.
If you’re heading abroad for a weekend of luxury, Melissa Anderson’s designs are sure to suit your schedule. Her Gold Elizabeth Ring features a glowing orange citrine gemstone encased in hand-carved roses. Pair with her 18kt Gold Charlotte Necklace to feel as regal as a ruling monarch. The necklace boasts a gorgeous checkerboard cut black onyx. Pack this on your city break and you’ll have enough travel glamour to rival Apollo himself!




White Pearl Of Africa Small Necklace  Banana Leaf Gold Necklace


London-based designer Betty Balaba finds influences in her deep African roots. Betty’s heritage is visible in all of her unique pieces, forming jewellery inherently linked to the place that is important to her. Through her beautiful pieces, Betty shows us how our jewellery can be an extension of who we are and what we value. Betty’s design process draws upon traditions from East African adornment, thus her pieces serve to honour heritage whilst championing innovation.

“By taking elements of land, sea and air I have been able to create a range that tells a sentimental story of the richness of Africa.”

Featured above is Betty Balaba’s Banana Leaf Gold Necklace and White Pearl of Africa Necklace. Both crafted using 18kt gold, these elegant designs are the perfect pieces to pack on your getaway. The banana tree is a staple crop in Uganda. By transforming the abundant plant into a delicate necklace, the designer encourages us to look to nature and find beauty in the every-day.


Rhodium Plated Silver Orange Cocktail Earrings Olivia Leone Rhodium Plated Silver Contemporary Jasper Sliver Bracelet 

Olivia Leone was born into a family of jewellers. Armed with ambition, tradition, and a love of aesthetics, she founded her own eponymous jewellery studio. Olivia has taken her passion and creativity to create stunning luxury fashion accessories. Based in New York, Olivia actually seeks inspiration in mother nature. Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city has great influence of some, many favour country retreats and sights of nature!

The vivid colours and bold shapes create statement pieces of jewellery perfect for any holiday. We all need a striking pair of earrings for a continental evening out! Pair designer jewels with a little black dress - Olivia Leone’s Orange Cocktail Earrings will make you the eighth wonder of the world! For a more reserved yet elegant look, Olivia’s Jasper Silver Bracelet is a luxury pick for a sophisticated evening out with friends. Whether you’re in Rome, LA, Aruba - Olivia Leone’s jewels are jewellery box staples. 


Eye Shall Protect You Stud - Green & Blue Zena Haddad Hearts On Fire Ear Climber - Yellow

London based designer Zena Haddad sacrificed a career in law to pursue her passion for jewellery. The spirit of London runs through her jewellery; with her designs championing both innovation and history. Her pieces are influenced by fine art, sacred numerology and spiritual leitmotifs. Intricate and complex designs shine through her collections. Zena’s first collection displays her influences through colour, sculpture and the dichotomy of contrasts. Many of her pieces are limited one-of-a-kind editions.

She describes her jewellery as ‘Future Heirlooms’, each piece constructed entirely by hand by award-winning craftsmen using the highest quality gems.

Haddad crafts jewellery so the wearer can carve their identity. Make your mark on a city through these incredible jewels. You’ll always remember the night at the Viennese Opera, as the ornate chandelier perfectly illuminated your Hearts On Fire Ear Climber. Or your holiday to Crete when Haddad’s Eye Shall Protect You Studs glistened in the crystal waters. Create incredible memories with Zena’s inspiring jewels. 

We represent over 500 designers here on JewelStreet. I hope our journey around the world inspired you to push the boundaries of fashion, and opt for a statement piece for your next adventure! 

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