Inspired by the night sky, our astrology collection includes stars, moon, constellations and everything in between. From an eye-catching night sky pendant by New York brand, WYS, with floating diamonds and glistening stars set against a blue backdrop, to Jessie V E’s collection of diamond constellation rings personalised for each star sign. Each celestial design has different connotations and meanings, and we explore a few of them. 

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Stars are up there with the most popular symbols used in jewellery design. A universal symbol that is recognisable all over the world, most women will have or have had a piece of star jewellery in their collection. Symbols mean different things to different people, but the star is often associated with achievement, luck, light, guidance, fame and ambition. Give as a gift to mark an achievement, to say good luck or simply because you know it will soon become a staple in their collection.

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As a human race, many of us have long believed that our fate on Earth is influenced by the stars above. And so, for those believers, zodiac jewellery can offer a valuable connection to the cosmos. In addition to each of the 12 zodiacs being represented by a symbol, such as a crab for Cancer or a ram for Aries, each sign has its own star formation. Popular London brand, Robinson Pelham have created an understated zodiac pendant that features a diamond set constellation for each star sign. Up-and-coming designer, Jessie V E, also uses the stars, space and Greek mythology as her inspiration and her Constellation collection traces the constellations and replaces stars with diamonds; a refreshingly modern take on star sign jewellery.

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From a crescent moon through to a full moon, moons are gaining popularity in the jewellery design stakes. The moon is typically a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The different phases of the moon symbolise immortality, eternity and enlightenment. Here at Jewelstreet, you’ll find an abundance of beautifully crafted crescent moons used on cocktail rings, pendants and earrings. But you’ll also find unique moon-inspired designs, such as Muscari’s three-dimensional Moon Ring with open circles representing craters and a scattering of celestial diamonds.

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Add a ray or two of sunshine into your jewellery collection with a radiant piece of jewellery with a sunburst symbol. Regularly used in architectural ornaments and design patterns, the sunburst pattern was a common stylistic feature in the Art Deco period, which was the inspiration behind British brand Taylor Black’s Sunburst collection. The sun represents life, influence, light and strength, making it a great positive symbol to give as a gift for yourself or someone you love.