Are you buying on a budget? Here on JewelStreet you will find a large selection of gifts for under £100. These may be lesser in price, but they are certainly no less luxurious or expertly handcrafted.

What better keepsake is there than jewellery? Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or just because you feel like treating someone special, our selection of jewellery gifts under £100 is vast.

Each piece tells a story which the recipient will carry with them for years to come. These are pieces that have emotional ties, and will be passed down through the generations.

Here is a selection of our favourite pieces that would be perfect for a Christmas or birthday gift. Discover affordable, one-of-a-kind gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your gifting will run rings around everyone else…

Rings are a great gift idea, as they are a symbol of infinite love and adoration. Whether it be an engagement ring, a promise ring, a BFF ring, or a fashion statement ring that makes for a striking feature of an outfit, rings make for memorable gifting.

Do you know someone who loves earthy colours and bold designs? The Round Wooden Ring by Kimili is the perfect piece for them. Talented designer Deyko endeavors to create jewellery that encompasses the organic individuality that is found within nature.

Show someone how amazing it is that they’re one-of-a-kind. They were born to be different. They are special, and should learn to embrace the beauty of their originality.

Round Wooden Ring

Kimili | Round Wooden Ring | £71.00

A gift for them to wear close to their heart...

Nothing says ‘you’re special to me’ or ‘I love you’ quite like our selection of goodies under £100. Show someone that you’ve been thinking about them by giving them one of these sparkling necklaces by Cosanuova.

The Open Clover, Open Heart, and Rainbow Disc Necklaces are inspired by a need for style, fashion and innovation for the contemporary woman. Give a strong woman in your life a medal of honour for having to put up with you! Trust us, she’ll love it.

Open Clover Necklace   Rainbow Necklace   Open Heart Necklace

CosanuovaOpen Clover Necklace, Open Heart Necklace, Rainbow Disc Necklace | £76.00, £76.00  and £79.00

Spread your wings, go above and beyond this Christmas…

Who says that you can’t get luxury jewellery at affordable prices? The value of an item is not just determined by its price, but by the hard work, meticulous design and time that is invested. The Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Pendant and Earrings by Saba Jewellery are an excellent example of this.

All of the enamel pieces are handmade from a copper sheet which is cut by water-jet.  Designer Geraldine Murphy then sands, drills and enamels the pieces, before firing them in the kiln at 800 degrees. This is incredible value for something that is so valuable.

 Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Pendant    Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Earrings

Saba Jewellery | Copper & Enamel Kingfisher PendantCopper & Enamel Kingfisher Earrings | £68.00 and £86.00

Give the gift of style…

These pairs of earrings by Lisa Hoffman are a steal, considering the time and care that has been invested into each and every element. Hoffman is renowned for her clever and innovative jewellery designs, and the Gold Nest Drop Earrings and Rose Gold & Abalone Nest Charm Drop Earrings are prime examples of this.

Lisa Hoffman Earrings  Lisa Hoffman Earrings   Lisa Hoffman Earrings

Lisa Hoffman | Gold Nest Drop EarringsRose Gold & Abalone Nest Charm Drop Earrings | £69.00 and £74.00