Our theme of the week is heavy metal jewellery. Think big and bold. Rough and rugged. Spiked and studded. Heavy metal fashion has been around for decades, originating in the 1970s by fans of heavy metal bands and with roots in biker and rocker subcultures. While the style has somewhat changed from the 70s to today, staple elements have stayed the same, like leather jackets, spiked bracelets and band logo t-shirts.

Spiked and studded leather is not just seen in the heavy metal fashion but has also made its way into jewellery. Studded leather chokers and cuffs are regularly worn by fans of heavy metal jewellery. The most commonly used symbols in heavy metal jewellery is battle imagery as well as Viking, Celtic and Saxon iconography. Jewellery with images of weapons are commonly worn, as well as crosses and chainmail, influenced by the Viking era. Inspired by heavy metal bands, modern military clothes also became a big part of the trend.

This type of jewellery embraces the rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal culture in its entirety. Incorporating these symbols are edgy and eye catching. Why not embrace the darkness and pick jewellery with heavy metal iconography?


Bullet belts were innovated by the band Motorhead and worn by others like Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. The bullet belt wraps around the body, mostly the waist or across the torso, and adds a spiky look and texture to an outfit. The bullet belt and bullets in jewellery added a new element to heavy metal fashion, which was modern military style. To adopt this trend into your wardrobe, get creative and invest is AKILLIS. High-end fashion brand, AKILLIS has been worn by celebrities like Katy Perry and Madonna. Their Bang Bang signature collection showcases bullet necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks, providing a edgy and mysterious look for heavy metal lovers.


Black Betty Design Sterling Silver Bullet Sleeper Earrings (Left)| £53.00
Ger Breslin | Bite The Bullet Necklace (Right)| £118.00


Wearing a weapon in a piece of jewellery makes a big statement. It shows that you have the dangerous object in your possession, but it has not only been made into something beautiful, but it’s been made into something non-deadly, that can’t harm you or others. That’s pretty powerful! A designer who does this beautifully, is De Anna Kiernan. Her Knife Edge Shard Ring is dramatic and striking and makes a show stopping cocktail ring. Emphasising the sharpness of a knife with its design, it is perfectly contrasted with a soft satin finish.  


Ed Wilson Jewellery Polished Sterling Silver Cutlass Necklace (Left)| £95.00
De Anna Kiernan Knife Edge Shard Ring (Middle)| £150.00
Metal Couture | Sterling Silver Ray Gun Cufflinks (Right)| £219.00


Gunmetal is a grey corrosion-resistant form of bronze. Containing zinc, it gives the metal a dark black-grey colour and was originally used for making guns - hence the name. It has since been replaced by steel but has become a great material for making jewellery. Tateossian have an extensive range of gunmetal products, specifically cufflinks. Their cufflinks are quirky, fun and versatile, as well as looking bold and mysterious, from the cool dark colour of gunmetal.


Nadia Minkoff Gunmetal Baguette Cluster Necklace (Middle)| £41.00
Tateossian | Gunmetal Square Gear Cufflinks (Right)| £150.00


Leather has been a key element of heavy metal jewellery and clothing since the 1970s. Leather jackets, trousers, cuffs and more have been included in the trend. Whether it’s plain leather or studded with silver spikes, dark leather makes an edgy statement and is the perfect material to inject some heavy metal into your wardrobe. If you’re looking for unisex leather bracelets with an interesting texture, Buddha to Buddha is the brand for you. Incorporating black and brown leathers with icy silver clasps and accents, gives the jewellery a textured look and perfectly modernises this heavy metal trend.


SEVEN50 Double Naga Leather Bracelet (Left)| £216.00
Annika Rutlin Button Leather Cuff (Middle)| £182.00
Buddha to Buddha | Edwin Leather Bracelet Black (Right)| £209.00


In heavy metal jewellery, Celtic, Saxon and Pagan iconography was introduced to the style, especially crosses. Crosses are a versatile symbol in jewellery as well as culturally. Crosses have a strong religious connection and is one of the most worn symbols in the world. Crosses can look extremely simple and minimalist, as well as over-the-top and flashy. They can also be introduced to other patterns, for example, the Sterling Silver Multi Skull Cross Pendant Necklace from Snake Bones incorporates the standard cross design with skulls, giving a rock ‘n’ roll edge to the necklace.


Luke Goldsmith Silver Cross Signet Ring (Left)| £165.00
Kate Chell Jewellery Black Treasure Oxidised Earrings (Middle)| £129.00
Flavie Michou | Chucho Ring (Right)| £276.00