Black has long been one of the most popular colours in the world of fashion.

It goes well with just about every other hue or shade you can find, it hides dirt and imperfections, and, of course, black just looks great. It’s little surprise that it has become the option of choice for so many designers.

Here at JewelStreet, we have over 130 options to choose from when you’re picking black earrings.

You can find options that are perfect for everyday use along with those which are a little more refined, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something which matches your style.

Concrete Unisex Long Block Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

Concrete might be just about the last material you’d associate with jewellery, but this pair from Anja Capuzzimati turns this industry staple into something gorgeous.

While the earrings themselves are rather simple, the texture and the way that light plays across the surface adds a level of detail that can’t be found in unnatural patterns.

These earrings are excellent for both casual and formal occasions.

With a background in industrial design, Anja Capuzzimati brings a fresh take to the world of jewellery.

Using concrete, clay, and stainless steel, she is able to bring a natural feel to her pieces while still incorporating interesting geometric shapes.

Gemondo Black Onyx Hexagon Drop Earrings - Gemondo £50


This pair of earrings is just as simple as the last, featuring hexagons which are made from 925 sterling silver and set with angular faceted black onyx gemstones.

Made from extremely shiny materials, this set of earrings will catch the light and add a new texture to your outfit.

Gemondo is a UK-based design house with decades of experience.

Most of their pieces are made to be suitable for any occasion, though they also offer plenty of options that would look well at home in The Ritz.

Sterling Silver Black & White Stud Earrings - Agneta Bugyte £90


Handmade in a studio in Berkshire, these sterling silver earrings are like nothing else you’ll find on today’s market. 

Inspired by the variety of life found in the world, they offer a contrast between the natural shape and softness of a pebble and the solidness of metal. 

Earrings like this will usually be best for casual use, though you might be able to make them work with formal outfits.

Having studied Jewellery and silversmithing in her home country of Lithuania, Agneta Bugyte has spent many years in the jewellery industry. 

Her inspiration is largely drawn from nature, and each piece is handmade to ensure that it reflects the uniqueness which is found in the natural world.

Patinated Silver & 14kt Yellow Gold Studs - Agneta Bugyte £125


Made from dark patinated silver, these small studs will add a touch of class to just about any outfit.

The black and grey silver in the background nicely contrasts the small gold bar that crosses the centre of this piece, offering a set of earrings that will look as good with a formal dress as they will with casual clothing.

These earrings are designed and handmade by Agneta Bugyte.

Black Pearl Yellow Gold Stud Earrings - StyleRocks £163


Simple pearl earrings have been popular for a very long time, though this set offers something different; black pearls.

The pearls are mounted on yellow gold studs by hand in Australia, and the refined look of this piece will mean that it goes best with formal attire.

StyleRocks is one of Australia’s most popular jewellery designers. With a huge range of options incorporating pearls, precious gems, and other stones, most people will be able to find something they love from the collection.

Monte Carlo Earring Gold Black Zircon - Latelita £295


This next set of earrings are a little more delicate than the others we’ve looked at, so far.

Made from two shield-shaped pieces of gold-plated sterling silver, the sea of black Latelita signature zircons set into their faces catch the light and shine like the surface of the ocean.

These pieces will go great with formal wear, but will also look good in casual settings.

Latelita London has been around since 2012 but has shaken the jewellery market over the last decade.

Focusing on creating affordable pieces from semi-precious gemstones, Latelita has options which will match most people’s budgets.

Long Black Patinated Silver Rod Earrings - Agneta Bugyte £380


Much like her other patinated pieces, these earrings from Agneta Bugyte truly stand out from the crowd.

With sterling silver formed into thin cylinders and poked with small holes that glisten in the light, the gold caps on each end of these earrings are surely the last thing people will notice.

These earrings have been inspired by nature, and they were handmade in Berkshire.

18kt Yellow Gold Handcrafted Italian Black Agate Pendant Earrings - JONA £604


These earrings are made from two pieces of interlocked black agate and finished with yellow gold fittings.

The agate is formed into uneven rings which lock together but can move freely, enabling them to catch the light and shine in very unpredictable patterns.

These earrings will look best when you’re getting dressed up.

Alex Jona is an Italian goldsmith with a difference.

Rather than falling into Italian design history, Jona travels the world to find unique gemstones and ideas which can be melded with the traditions of his home country.

The results speak for themselves, with many of the designs coming from Jona being considered world-class.

Penrose Black Coral Earrings - Victoria Six £815


The Penrose Black Coral earrings offer a modern take on a traditional style.

With a white pearl set into 14kt rose gold and surrounded by three tear-shaped black coral stones, this piece is refined and sophisticated, and it will be best worn with formal clothing.

Victoria Six is one of the US’s largest jewellery manufacturers.

Unlike many other big brands, though, Victoria Six still relies on expert goldsmiths and jewellery makers to put together each and every one of their beautiful pieces by hand.

Black Diamond White Gold Black Tassel Drop Earrings - London Road Jewellery £595


Each of these earrings is made with three individual chains of black rhodium-plated gold that have been covered with roughly cut black diamond beads.

The uneven faces of each stone will catch the light differently, making these earrings dance when you expose them to the right sort of light.

Run by a brother-sister team, London Road focuses on creating intricate pieces of jewellery that can still be worn comfortably and with everyday outfits.

Their pieces are still made by hand, making them stand out on the modern market.

Black is never going to go out of fashion, and it’s one of the few colours out there that can go with just about anything. This makes it a great choice when you’re trying to pick jewellery and other accessories, and we’re sure that you’ll be happy to see all of the black earrings we have available on