JewelStreet Wedding Fayre Exhibit

On Sunday 9th June, we headed over to the Love Actually Bristol Zoo Gardens Summer Wedding Fayre on the Clifton Pavilion. This is a wedding venue highly sought after by brides, who travel across the country to say “I do” meters away from exotic animals.

From the moment you lay eyes on the Clifton Pavilion, you know you’ve encountered the perfect wedding venue. The Bristol Zoo Gardens are not only known for their conservation efforts and diverse animal species. They are also known as one of the most popular ceremony destinations in the south west. The venue itself was built in the 1920s and is full of grandeur and regality. The building’s majestic architecture offers elegant rooms with beautiful views overlooking the west lawn and flamingos.

JewelStreet Wedding Fair Exhibition

We were shown to our exhibition space by the lovely Emma and David of Love Actually Weddings. The room that greeted us was mesmerising and breathtaking. In our opinion, there was no room more fitting to display luxury jewellery in than this one.

Our lovely flower displays made yet another appearance at this wedding fayre! They are a crowd pleaser, and always draw the eye.  After careful placement of the vines, we were able to focus on laying out the jewellery. And it looked beautiful.

JewelStreet Wedding Fayre Exhibit

Choosing jewellery to take along with us was an easy task. When you have over 200 talented independent designers at your fingertips, you’re really spoiled for choice! Deborah Blyth Jewellery kindly sent us over a number of items, which are perfect for both the bride and the bridal party.  

Deborah’s signature design aesthetic is characterised by tactile, organic and natural forms. Each piece is inspired by imperfections and diverse surface textures that are found in nature.

Deborah Blyth Jewellery

There is a contemporary flair to Deborah’s jewellery, and each piece retains an aura of elegance and uniqueness. Want to wear luxury jewellery on your big day? If the answer is yes, then you’ve met your match.

Of course, investing in wedding jewellery is an important decision. You want something timeless, rare and classic all at the same time. Deborah Blyth Jewellery gives you all this and more. This isn’t just jewellery for your big day, it's the jewellery that you can wear every day after too.

Deborah Blyth Jewellery

Like what you see? Check out Deborah Blyth Jewellery’s boutique HERE.

Little Joy Jewellery also kindly supplied us with some lovely dainty and delightful pieces for the fayre. Lead designer Lauren Griffiths has honed her distinctive and intricate style since she started her jewellery making journey as a bespoke designer prior to her brand’s launch in 2011.

What makes Lauren’s designs so special is that they are made using only fair trade precious metals. Each individual piece of jewellery is sensitively handcrafted with you in mind. The aim? To build a personal relationship between jewellery and wearer.

Little Joy Jewellery

Much like Deborah, Lauren’s pieces lean towards a raw and contemporary aesthetic. Modern jewellery designs are taking over SS19 weddings, and it’s no surprise why. This is jewellery to make the happy couple even happier

Little Joy Jewellery was very well received by those who attended the fayre on Sunday. It may surprise you that the item that generated the most interest were the Handcrafted Kindred Cufflinks. These have a beautiful faceted surface and feature a trendy safety chain. You really get a sense of the quality and craftsmanship of them when you feel the weight of the item in your hand, and can closely admire its minimal lines and abstract form.

Little Joy Jewellery

Like what you see? Check out Little Joy Jewellery’s boutique HERE.

Sad that you missed out on visiting us at Bristol Zoo Gardens? Don’t worry… we’ll be keeping you updated with our next appearances over on social.

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Looking for vendors and more wedding inspiration? Here are the lovely exhibitors we worked alongside at the Bristol Zoo Wedding Fayre: