Last week, we braved the cold and took to the streets of London to capture some amazing images for our 2019 Valentine’s Day Campaign. After weeks of planning and brainstorming creative ideas, we couldn’t wait to produce an amazing video and photo series. 

We envisioned the campaign to be all things romance. We’re talking the type of romance that leaves you breathless in the middle of Covent Garden. The type of romance that leaves you daydreaming. The type of romance that makes you smile when there is seemingly nothing to smile about. So we loaded up a suitcase worth of luxury jewellery, and set our alarms for the next morning.

We caught the 5:30 am train to London *gasp* and excitedly finalised our story boards for the day.

After arriving in London, we met up with talented photographer Alise Jane and our stunning model Eliska McAndrew. The first look was taken near Chelsea, and we found some gorgeous flower displays to offset the sparkling BUFF jewellery...

The next look featured romantic roses and the even more romantic Augustine Jewels. Our team had lots of fun taking the shots, and we were especially keen about the cupcake "props" which we managed to resist eating until we got the perfect shot...

On our way to Covent Garden, we encountered a scrumptious chow dog called Bao, and couldn't resist snapping a few behind the scenes pictures. This was a great location to capture some elegant and sophisticated images of Krausz Jewellery and Gemondo Jewellery.

Towards the evening, after a few more locations and many more images, we regrouped in a café,  got our heart balloons inflated, and then took to the streets of London once more. The reception from the public was lovely, and the model was receiving lots of compliments for her style. We stumbled across a gorgeous tunnel of lights and couldn't miss an opportunity to take more photos and film some clips for the Valentine's Campaign video. This look primarily featured Latelita London

If you would like to see more images from the shoot, check out the finalised Valentine's Day Edit by clicking HERE.