Known for their stylish and elegant leather bags that are also both functional and durable, PRIMEHIDE is a constant for longevity and value for money. 

PRIMEHIDE was founded to provide stylish leather products. 

We pride ourselves both on our craft skills and our chic, sophisticated products. Products that are always functional and will always have a long life. 

We want you to enjoy an endless choice of styles and colours when you buy leather. 

The best quality materials are the foundation of our work. Good leather can and should last for decades. 

Our makers are talented. You can be assured that you will enjoy a handmade, luxury product. That's why our customers keep coming back to us. 

We are a diverse team of people, who all contribute to production in a meaningful way. We're proud of the skill and creativity of our team.

You have to be fearless to innovate. It's a risk. But the payoff is great - a new style, a new pattern, an intricate new buckle that our customers love. 

But however contemporary the design, everything that carries the PRIMEHIDE stamp has the same guarantee of quality in materials and work. 

This dedication extends through our range. We're a premium brand and that's reflected in every piece we produce. It must be high-quality, it must be beautiful, it must fulfil its purpose, and it must work well. 

We want you to enjoy our products for many years to come as competitively priced pieces of everyday luxury. 

We never compromise these values.

Thank you for talking with us Team!

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