Best Fashion & Jewellery Podcasts

2019 has arguably become the year of podcasts. Albeit rather retro in concept, listening to a recording of somebody speaking their thoughts has grown in popularity. From spooky murder mysteries, to chilling conspiracy theories, to sporting analysis and sexual health advice, there are a myriad of podcasts on offer. But sometimes, it’s hard to sift through all the genres to find the one that is right for you. Worry no longer! We’ve sourced the top podcasts currently available for fashion and jewellery lovers like you...

Recent research has shown that weekly podcast listeners tend to spend around 6 hours 37 mins listening to their chosen podcasts. This is evidently a growing platform. What is it that is so captivating about podcasts? And why are they being utilised more and more for fashion dialogue? A number of stylists and style savvy consumers have risen up the ranks in the podcasting community, and have begun to spread the spoken word of fashion. But who are these style saviours?

The Business of Fashion

This is the go-to fashion podcast for inspiring talks and in-depth discussions about how the fashion industry is altering society. Hosts, designers and esteemed guests cast a critical eye over fast-paced fashion consumerism and the extremities of style in the current climate. There is a focus on reinventing the fashion industry so that it may become an ethical, positive and uncorrupt force for the better.


Kalpona Akter | Source: Getty Images for The Business of Fashion
Joy Ajlouny | Source: Getty Images for The Business of Fashion

Fashion No Filter

Looking for fashion talk without the filter? Listen to this easy-going podcast brought to you by fashion journalists Camille Charrière and Monica de La Villardière. The benefits of having two industry experts in your headphones are endless. We’re talking fashion positivity, social media style and individuality in an era of homogeneity. This podcast is Vogue approved… and you’re definitely missing out on its lighthearted appeal.

Fashion No Filter

Spirit of 608

Lorraine Sanders leads listeners into a virtual library of interviews with industry experts. Each episode features a leading female business woman or fashion specialist; women who are paving the way toward a fashion revolution. This is a podcast hellbent on bringing fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech to the forefront of the style arena. Through the medium of short stories, tips and advice, fashion is made accessible to every listener regardless of their expertise.

Spirit of 608

The Fashion Hags

The Fashion Hags is a witty and enjoyable podcast brought to you by three friends: Abby, Evan and Katie. The three met at Fashion Design school in Vancouver and quickly became close after a spider related incident (you’ll have to tune in to find out specifics). This is a podcast for the like-minded spider haters and fashion lovers of the world. These three powerful females discuss all things high and low about fashion, and explore why it consumes so much of their lives.

Out of Fashion

This is a relatively unknown podcast that definitely deserves a little more love and recognition. Jane Shepherdson and Jane Kellock take listeners on a fun ride into the fashion industry. They navigate through difficult subjects such as retailer sustainability, and the ongoing battle with larger establishments. Expect heavy topics discussed with a positive vibe and interesting dialogue. Most recently, the two main Janes brought us a juicy episode with Mary Portas Queen of Shops.

OMG Artistry Podcast

This is an up-and-coming podcast from a much loved social media influencer and celebrity hair & makeup artist. Olivia Smalley invites us into her inner circle, and brings us lifestyle tips from a social savvy stylist. We’re only three episodes in so far this year, and there is no person more welcoming or comforting to guide us through the rest of the year with fashion finesse than Olivia. We wish her all the best with the future of the podcast, and can’t wait to hear more styling tips and advice from her fellow social media star guests.

OMG Artistry

Conscious Chatter

What you choose to wear matters. Fashion, style and sustainability are topics brought to you by dynamic host Kestrel. Listening to this podcast empowers us to ask questions about who makes our fashion, where it is made, and how it is transported. Through an introspective and informative narrative lens, Kestrel explores a form of fashion that can in fact be harmonious with ethics. Being stylish does not mean that you have to sacrifice your core values. Interested to know more?

Jewelry Journey Podcast

The Jewelry Journey Podcast is one that we have loved listening to in recent weeks. Why? Because we love all things jewellery of course… and you should too! Jewellery is no longer a mere afterthought or accessory to your style. It is an integral and monumental part of art, history and culture. Think you know a lot about jewellery? Test yourself by tuning in to this informative and thought-provoking podcast. Let’s give jewellery the appreciation and attention it deserves.

Jewelry Journey Podcast

Wardrobe Crisis

We’ve all been there. Stood at the doors to the wardrobe, clothes strewn across the bed and the floor, jewellery scattered all over the bedside cabinet. You want to look your best, but you’ve been seen in every outfit before. How will you ever stand out? Podcast host Clare Press explores the kind of wardrobe crisis that is usually disregarded in favour of fast fashion. She is a passionate advocate for the circular economy, and promotes a sustainable and ethical fashion future. A recent podcast talks about saving the planet with mother of pearls. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this growing podcast in the future.

Wardrobe Crisis

The Fashion School Dropout

Last, but by no means least, The Fashion School Dropout highlights the stories of those who have found success working in the fashion industry and how they did it. Hosted by Brittany Diego, each episode travels behind the scenes of the glamorised fashion industry, and exposes what it really takes to survive in the style arena.