The 8th of June is National Best Friends Day, so it’s only appropriate that JewelStreet’s theme of the week is BFF Jewellery! You and your best friend have been inseparable since the very first day you met. It only seems right that you should celebrate your friendship (or give any of these jewellery picks for their birthday or Christmas present!) and give them a meaningful piece of jewellery for National Best Friends Day. Our selection of best friend jewellery is perfect for whatever style you and your best friend have. Here are our top 5 BFF jewellery picks under £100!

Personalised Double Hoop Necklace by Posh Totty Designs - £55

Posh Totty Designs specialise in dainty, glamorous and personalised jewellery with extremely affordable prices. Their Personalised Double Hoop Necklace perfectly resembles you and your best friend’s relationship - joined at the hip or in this case, hoop! The classic gold colour gives a warm glow to your skin and it’s an easy colour and necklace that you can wear everyday. If you and your bestie live far away from each other, this necklace is a great way to have them with you at all times. Engrave your names, nicknames or personal words to the hoops of the necklace and you’ll always have your best friend with you.

Gemini Zodiac Bracelet Rose Gold by Latelita London - £49

Latelita London have a gorgeous range of Zodiac Sign bracelets and necklaces in rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. The Zodiac collection is the perfect edit to find your best friend’s next birthday present! Give them a bracelet that resembles their birthday month. Latelita London’s range is colourful, sparkly and intricate. If you and your best friend share the same birthday month, it is a sweet way for the two of you to match - a luxurious upgrade from your matching DIY friendship bracelets you made when you were younger!

Yellow Gold Plated Cath Ring by Coco & Kinney - £45

Ever since Ariana Grande splashed out and bought her 7 best friends Tiffany & Co diamond rings, we haven’t been able to get the idea (or the song) out of our heads! If you’re on a budget and can't splash out on a Tiffany's diamond ring, why not treat you and your best friend to a matching Cath Ring from Coco & Kinney? Simple and understated, this ring has a fun shape and a classic colour, perfect for you and your friend.

Yellow Gold Star & Moon Dangle Earrings by Laura Adele Jewellery - £75

“I love you to the moon and back.” This isn’t just a phrase that should be said to your other half but also your BFF! Show your bestie that you love them to the moon and back with these Star & Moon Dangle Earrings. They are dainty, beautiful and luxurious - and who doesn’t love a classic pair of earrings?!

Mini Sequin And Birthstone Necklace by XISSJEWELLERY - £85

This Birthstone Necklace by XISSJEWELLERY is the perfect way to add a thoughtful and personalised accent to your best friend’s jewellery collection. This necklace is a subtle yet colourful way to celebrate your friend’s birthday or National Best Friends Day. The sequin design is minimalist and allows all the attention to be drawn to the birthstone. This gift is cute, meaningful and something your best friend will cherish forever.