Remember the ‘80s? How could you forget the wild hair, leopard print clothes, neon colours and bold necklaces? Well we love all of these things and they're all making a comeback. Subtle leopard print is transitioning from festival wear to day-to-day styles, wild hair in all its glory can be seen everywhere (though maybe not the perms) and 80's inspired necklaces are making a comeback. 

The necklaces of the 80s were vibrant, big and beaded. While we’re not suggesting you start wearing neon to the office but we do think you can effortlessly add a touch of 80s glamour to your everyday look. Between big pendants, bright colours and sophisticated pearls there's an 80's chic necklace for everyone.

Big Beads & Bold Pendants
Necklaces in the 80s ranged from big beautiful beads to large statement pendants.

The beautiful Silver, Pearl & Red Garnet Anna Necklace by Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte is the perfect way to revitalise your 80’s love of beads in a classy, elegant statement necklace. Handcrafted in sterling silver these pendants will be sure to catch everyone's eye. Inspired by nature and by the the film Anna Karenia, this necklace is a truly quirky one-of-a-kind piece that brings the 80s into 2018 with a bang!

Silver, Pearl & Red Garnet Anna Necklace by Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte - £719

If those large pendants and bold colours are a bit daunting but you love the charm of the big beads, the Je Te Donne Mon Cœur Necklace by Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte is the necklace for you!
Inspired by nature's beauty, naturally formed gemstones and love, this necklace is a show stopper. Sterling silver heart motifs join the gemstones and glorious green beads to create a subtly 80s inspired look, a perfect statement look without being too quirky!

The Je Te Donne Mon Cœur Necklace by Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte - £466

80s Colour
Glistening golds and brightly coloured gemstones were another hot 80s trend. Magentas, emeralds, amethysts, turquoise, no colour was left untouched!

Jamie Moreno’s 18kt rose gold Choque De Estrellas and Constelación necklaces beautifully bring this 80s trend into the 21st century.
Vibrant neon-esque sapphire, tourmaline, peridot, ruby, citrine, tanzanite and topaz glisten. All set in rose gold designed for “cultured women who desire to express their own individual personality through exclusive pieces which are entirely outside the mainstream.”

The Choque De Estrellas and Constelación necklaces by Jamie Moreno & the Étoile Chanceuse Necklace by Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte

If you’re not quite ready for the unique quirky stylings of Jamie Moreno you can still channel the 80s vibes in a more sedated yet still statement pendant. Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte’s Étoile Chanceuse Necklace has dainty colourful amethyst and topaz set in big flower pendants; still beautiful, bright and colourful but the predominant silver calm the vibrant 80s inspired colours.


Pearls, Pearls, Pearls 

Pearls are beautiful, classy and completely rock 'n' roll. 

The Serendipity Gold Pearl Necklace by Erin Cox Jewellery - £323

The beautiful Serendipity Gold Pearl Necklace is the perfect necklace to add a subtle touch of 80s twisted bead glamour to any outfit. A modern twist on a classic style this necklace is chunky, handcrafted and made with you in mind; whats not to love? The golden clasps really make the creamy white pearls pop, add gives this necklace a touch of sophistication.










The Pearl Choker by Joanna Laura Constantine - £320
If you're loving the pearls but don't fancy the twisted bead vibe then the Pearl Choker by Joanna Laura Constantine is for you. Featuring three pearls on an elegant handcrafted golden choker, this necklace will have all eyes on you. Subtle, refines and a way to get the 80's trend into your everyday look without the chunky beads, giant pendants or neon colours.