Here at JewelStreet, we believe in organisation and this past Christmas has shown us that leaving gift buying to the last minute isn't such a good idea. I know that Christmas is months away, but there are many other events and dates coming up where gifts are given. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days and lest we forget - birthdays! Organise your birthday gifts early this year and give the gift of jewellery. JewelStreet have rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks for everyone so you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for the birthday girl or boy.

Now that you’ve got your present, it’s time to start thinking about presentation. You can’t just give them their gift unwrapped or tattily wrapped with last Christmas’ wrapping paper. Packaging is so important - the gift inside may be beautiful but if you present it in something messy and haphazardly thrown together, it looks like you haven’t bothered and that you simply don’t care. You don’t want the birthday girl or boy to think you don’t care about them do you? Put that extra bit of time and effort in and as Rowan Atkinson says in Love Actually, it is a work of a mere moment - although I think holly and a cinnamon stick might be a bit overkill.

Here are some ideas on how to make your gifts look stunning - and some jewellery ideas to match!

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and bows are beautiful accents to add to your wrapping style and despite their intricate look, they’re surprisingly easy to do. Bows are the perfect way to impress the person you’re gifting your present to as it looks like you went to a lot of effort. Pick a ribbon that goes with your wrapping paper - if its gold, pick a red ribbon or if its patterned, go for something plain and simple. There are countless tutorials online showing you how to create a flawless and beautiful wrapping bow so get creative! Bows are an iconic wrapping decoration - Tiffany & Co has a trademark gift wrapping style with their light blue box and white ribbon bow - and it looks like you’ve gone that extra mile to make their birthday that little bit more special.

Ribbon and bow jewellery is a perfect match for this style of wrapping. Completely replicate the bow, like the Diamond Mini Bow Ring or go for something more subtle and textured, like the 18kt Yellow Gold Ribbon Semi Hoops. Bows make an elaborate and classic look, whether that’s wrapping or jewellery.


Oh My Christine Jewelry Diamond Mini Bow Ring (Left)| £963.00
Rashun Jewelry 18kt Yellow Gold Ribbon Semi Hoops (Right)| £852.00

Sleek and Stylish Box

Keep it simple with a sleek and sophisticated box. Most jewellery comes in a designer labelled box which ties the whole gift together. Present your gift in an understated yet exciting box and see their faces light up as they prize open the lid.

What is more stylish than silver? The stunning material has been used in jewellery for centuries, for good reason! It is a classic and simple colour, yet is unbelievably versatile and eye-catching. Silver compliments many other materials, like turquoise, pearl and gold. Find which style the birthday boy or girl loves and re-imagine it in silver.


Quinta Essenza Sterling Silver Lichen Cufflinks (Left)| £135.00
A Jewel Sterling Silver Warrior Cuff Bangle (Right)| £435.00

Confetti and Glitter

It may be a nightmare to clean up but isn’t that part of the fun?! While wrapping your gift, dust in some confetti so when the birthday girl or boy opens it up, they’re covered in colourful confetti! Add a bit of fun to your wrapping - yes, it can be tedious and maybe even pointless, considering it’s about to get ripped up and tossed away, but it makes a difference with how people see you. If you take that extra bit of time and care, the gift receiver will know how much they mean to you.

Pick something glittery for the next birthday you have coming up. September Rose have a fun and quirky range of confetti style necklaces, earrings and cufflinks so the birthday girl or boy will always look in the party mood.


little h Confetti Earrings (Left)| £2,390.00
September Rose 18kt Rose Gold Small Confetti Pendant  (Right)| £899.00

A Chocolatey Surprise

So maybe you’re just not the best at wrapping. You’ve got the gorgeous wrapping paper, the ribbon, the confetti but you just can’t get it right. The wrapping looks childish, the bow is lopsided and there’s so much sellotape on the present, the person can barely open it! They can’t deny that you tried, but if you want to impress, pop some chocolates inside the wrapping so they get a sweet treat as well as their new gorgeous piece of jewellery. They’ll thank you for it - I was particularly happy when I opened my Christmas present and found two chocolates alongside a necklace, courtesy of Lily Blanche Jewellery.

Pick jewellery that is good enough to eat, with chocolate coloured jewellery delights. Chocolate box colours are delicate and dazzling, perfect for a high-end fashion look or in a casual everyday outfit.


Luke Goldsmith Chocolate Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet (Left)| £100.00
Oh My Christine Jewelry Chocolate Diamond Band (Right)| £502.00