A bracelet is the perfect piece of jewellery to throw on if you want to dress up an outfit and look your best. One combination that won’t go out of style is to choose black and silver bracelets that will make you look fashionable and give off a sense of elegance and sophistication.

JewelStreet champions over 200 independent jewellery designers around the world. You can buy unique designed jewellery direct from the designer with prices starting from £25.

Sterling Silver White Pearl & Black Onyx Orbis Bracelet - ORA Pearls £75


The Sterling Silver White Pearl & Black Onyx Orbis Bracelet is by ORA Pearls. It’s a modern orbis bracelet featuring a combination of white freshwater pearls and black onyx, strung on stretchy elastic and finished with a sterling silver charm detail. 

The soft white sheen of these freshwater pearls combines perfectly with the dramatic black finish of the onyx, creating an unusual, visually arresting piece of contemporary jewellery. Throw it on to complete your outfit and look.

ORA Pearls is the creation of Bibi Southwell, a renowned jewellery designer and pearl expert who creates stunning handcrafted pieces from her studio in London. 

Bibi has devoted more than ten years of her life to identifying and then connecting with both pearl farmers and gem suppliers. She now creates jewellery which redefines pearls for the 21st century, with a more fashion-based collection including bracelets such as this one. 

Bibi is professionally certified by the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), and personally hand-picks each and every pearl she uses to ensure the highest quality throughout her collection.

Silver Infinity Ibiza Bracelet With Black Ribbon - INFINITY by Victoria £88


This Silver Infinity Ibiza Bracelet With Black Ribbon is by Victoria. The bracelet features a handcrafted sterling silver double infinity motif, finished with a black satin adjustable ribbon. The double infinity represents many different meanings, such as balance, limitlessness, or absolute perfection. However, its romantic symbolism is the most heart-touching. 

It symbolises two separate paths coming together as one, dedicating their lives to one another. This bracelet is the perfect gift for a loved one. You can show how much they mean to you with this double infinity bracelet.

Designer Victoria Chmielewski is the founder of jewellery brand INFINITY by Victoria. As a gemologist, her first goal in this new adventure is to share her passion for stunning gemstones and elegant jewellery that entices you into a world of indefinable beauty, limitless imagination, and hope without end. She’s renowned for stylish sea-inspired bracelets featuring the finest satin, gold, and silver.

Poppy Black & Silver Leather Bracelet - Yan Neo London £30


The Poppy Black & Silver Leather Bracelet is by Yan Neo London. It’s made with real leather and Swarovski crystal. This statement bracelet is made from real Black leather and mixes metal with crystal embellishment for added effect. It’s great for stacking bracelets together and is nickel-free.

The Yan Neo London brand was founded in 2011 - designer Yan Neo creates fine fashion accessories inspired by art and history that will stand the test of time. Yan Neo designs jewellery that truly empowers women and is known for its stylish and addictive fine fashion.

Coal Black Conway Silver and Braided Leather Bracelet - Anchor & Crew £90


The Coal Black Conway Silver & Braided Leather Bracelet is by Anchor & Crew. It’s designed for those who have an exploratory lifestyle. Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. 

This stylish bracelet features genuine and natural round-shaped braided leather and secure solid .925 sterling silver hook, clasp and miniature divider pulleys. This bracelet is available in three bracelet lengths, 17cm, 19cm or 21cm in circumference.

Award-winning brand, Anchor & Crew combine British craft manufacturing and modern-minimalist style to create their nautical-themed jewellery. Their accessories feature certified Navy grade rope, natural genuine leather and sterling silver.

Anchor & Crew is designed for the modern journeyman and woman. Every product is handcrafted by celebrated craftsmen to ensure their high standards of quality are met.

Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Hexagon Prism Bracelet - Gemondo £40


The Gemondo Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Hexagon Prism Bracelet is by Gemondo Jewellery. You can follow the geometric trend with this black onyx hexagon prism bracelet. It’s a chic, angular and flat faceted onyx gemstone surrounded by a bezel setting and linked with a 925 sterling silver chain. 

This modern geometric handmade bracelet design looks beautiful when layered with pieces from the Geometric collection.

Gemondo is a UK-based jewellery brand which brings to life authentic, colourful gemstones within precious gold and sterling silver silhouettes. From gemstone-laden earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, Gemondo offers beautiful ranges of fine and fashion jewellery to suit the modern woman. 

Beautifully classic, Gemondo's pieces are sleek in aesthetic and can be worn at any given occasion.

Ben Mix Silver and Leather Bracelet Black - Buddha To Buddha £299


The Ben Mix Silver and Leather Bracelet Black is by Buddha To Buddha. It’s a sturdy leather bracelet with beautiful silver details. The bracelet was inspired by the well-known and classic Ben bracelet. Wear the bracelet in combination with other beautiful jewellery from Buddha to Buddha, and you’re sure to look fabulous.

Buddha To Buddha was born in 1997 by founder Batul, during a meditation holiday in Asia. Buddha To Buddha is inspired by the Buddhist way of life, where consciousness, love and joy prevail. 

The brand has a bold, timeless signature style and creates pieces for both men and women who have a passion for life. When buying this brand, you’ll get craftsmanship, creativity, passion, and quality. Quality is number one - no matter what.

Sterling Silver Woven Bracelet - JONA £315


The Sterling Silver Woven Bracelet is by Alex Jona. The sterling silver woven bracelet is handcrafted in Italy. All Jona jewellery is new and has never been previously owned or worn. Each item will arrive at your door beautifully gift wrapped in Jona boxes, put inside an elegant pouch or jewel box.

Alex Jona travels the world to discover extraordinary precious stones, pearls, and diamonds. With these materials he personally designs exquisite pieces of jewellery for his family’s brand - JONA. Alex’s pieces are entirely handcrafted in the traditional Italian goldsmithing fashion.

Alex has a passion for creating jewellery suitable for all occasions - he pays careful attention to every aspect of the creation process to ensure his customers only get the best.

Bili Silver Small Square Enamel Bracelet - EB Jewellery £65


The Bili Silver Small Square Enamel Bracelet is by EB Jewellery. The bracelet is a simple, elegant piece that pairs well with almost anything. It features a black enamel square set into 925 silver. This piece fastens securely with a silver bolt ring. It’s part of the Umbala collection, inspired by the Southern Ndebele beadwork of South Africa. 

EB Jewellery is founded by British-South African jewellery designer, Emma Boshoff. Based in West Wales, Emma creates jewellery inspired by Southern Ndebele beadwork and is best known for her Umbala collection. She uses patterns, symmetry and colours to create her unique contemporary pieces.

Black Star Stone Bolero Silver Bangle With Stingray - a cuckoo moment… £901


The Black Star Stone Bolero Silver Bangle With Stingray Leather is by a cuckoo moment. Two black star stones cabochons crown this luxurious bangle made of rhodium-plated 925-sterling silver. Little iolites accentuate the natural beauty of the polished stone. The black galuchat fits the contrast between stones and silver perfectly.

Founded by Lia Fallschessel in 2005, a cuckoo moment is known for unique jewellery and accessories featuring exotic materials such as Stingray Leather. Using extraordinary designs and exotic materials, these eye-opening pieces are sure to turn heads. They’re renowned for their lively yet high quality, animal leather products with intricate detailing.