Black diamonds are a hot trend in jewellery. There’s something sexy and sultry about them that makes them irresistible. As soon as you even hear that such a gemstone exists, you want one. 

Black diamonds are, chemically-speaking, very similar to white diamonds. Their black colour comes from amorphous graphite and carbon that laces their internal structure. Once polished and scrubbed, black diamonds make for striking jewellery. 

Are black diamonds the next big thing? We certainly think so. Please take a look at these 10 pieces of jewellery available on our store featuring the celebrated gemstone. 

Black Diamond Earrings - Marcello Riccio £850

These black diamond earrings are both dark and mysterious, helping to add a little mystique to any outfit. They are the brainchild of Marcello Riccio, a London-based jewel-making expert who focuses on using only the most beautiful gemstones in the world. These earrings certainly slot right into the rest of Riccio’s lineup, with their sizeable black diamond centre stone and surrounding regular diamonds. The designer supplies the studs with a choice of metals. 

Black Diamond White Gold Black Tassel Drop Earrings - London Road Jewellery £595

These black diamond and white gold tassel drop earrings hark back to the style of the 1920s, adding a sense of glitz and glamour to any dress. The earrings feature multiple smaller black diamonds connected by a chain, with larger stones crowning out the end of the tassels. 

London Road Jewellery makes the earrings: a brother-and-sister duo specialising in gem-set fashion. The pair have made a name for themselves in the UK’s capital, and now ship black diamond jewellery all over the world. 

Black Diamond Line Bracelet In 18ct White Gold - Verifine London £1,250

Perhaps one of the most stunning in our entire collection, this black diamond line bracelet from Verifine London features 120 individually-set black diamonds inside a precious metal band. The bracelet comes in three different sizes: 16.5, 17, and 18 cms - and it has a supple form, allowing it to twist and bend when worm. 

Verifine London is run by husband-and-wife team Neil and Wendy Duckworth. The duo established their jewellery handcrafting business with a mission to create a range of “skinny” diamond-containing pieces that would create showstopping visual appeal. As you can see, that philosophy carries over strongly to their black diamond line bracelet. 

Black Diamond Eternity Band - Oh My Christine Jewelry £633

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your undying love for someone (or something), then this black diamond eternity ring from Oh My Christine Jewelry is the perfect way to do it. The band features more than a dozen black diamonds set in 14kt yellow gold. Visually, it is both unique and chic. 

Oh My Christine is a jewellery outfit based in Los Angeles and run by Christine K - a lover of both fashion of beauty. Her goal is to find rare and unusual gemstones and use them in elegant bracelets, necklaces and rings like this one.

Black Diamond Keep The Luck In Necklace - Heidi Vornan £2,811

This unusual necklace by Heidi Vornan features a horseshoe-shaped pendant, studded with black diamonds. The horseshoe is a symbol of luck, promising health and prosperity to the wearer. It comes from a long line of jewellery by Heidi that seeks to put a twist on modern fashion to create long-lasting modern classics. 

Black Rhodium-Plated Silver Sundown Black Diamonds Necklace - Pureshore Jewellery £139

This exciting necklace combines shards of rhodium-plated silver with black diamond. The design is reminiscent of the sunsets in the arch of Durdle Door in Dorset, UK, giving this piece an almost ancient, pagan feel. 

The necklace is the product of Pureshore Jewellery, a company run by brother-and-sister team Olivia and Ben. They make good use of geometric shapes and Art Deco themes. 

Black Rhodium-Plated & Black Diamonds Snaketric Ring - Cristina Cipolli Jewellery £480

If you’re looking for jewellery that offers something different, then be sure to check out this black diamond snake-shaped ring. The band features a sterling silver core overlaid with black rhodium plate and features a hoop section with several black diamond studs. The piece is the brainchild of Christina Cipolli, a designer who revels in creating jewellery for confident, outgoing women. This particular piece certainly lives up to the mission of Cipolli’s brand. 

White Gold Black Diamond Tassel Pendant - London Road Jewellery £595

The best way to describe this white gold black diamond tassel pendant from London-based designer London Road Jewellery is “mesmerising.” The necklace is made of white gold, and features a beautiful tassel pendant, comprising black diamonds set along a delicate chain. At the end of each of the five tassels is a large black diamond rounding out the look. 

London Road Jewellery is famous for its distinctive collections, including the black diamond tassel collection. The brand aims to celebrate diversity and give people more choice in the jewellery that they wear. The brand wants to fill the gap in the market, which currently exists between traditional silver pieces and regular 14kt yellow gold. 

White Gold and Black Diamond Earrings - Xavier Civera £700

These white gold and black diamond earrings are the product of Valencia-based designer Xavier Civera - part of his I Conic collection. The set, designed for men, uses a combination of precious metals and black diamonds, fashioned into a cone-like shape. The earrings have a distinctly masculine, industrial feel, making them the perfect accompaniment to a suit-and-tie event. 

Xavier Civera set up his eponymous brand in 1996 and has been making original pieces of jewellery ever since. He revels in the finer details of the pieces he creates - an ethos that shines through in his white gold and black diamond set here. 

10kt White Gold Black Diamond Owl Bird Necklace - Cosanuova

This cheeky piece from American brand Casanuova depicts an owl, using black diamonds for the eyes, and white diamonds for the rest of the head and body, set on a 10kt white gold chain. As a designer, Casanuova loves to create high-class pieces with a fun theme. Based in Miami, the brand targets successful, modern women, offering new twists on classics. The brand uses only the finest materials while retaining classical Italian style motifs. 

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