Move over white diamonds, because black diamonds are on the rise. Full of intrigue and mystery, the dark and decadent hue of black diamonds is luring people away from its radiant white sibling to the much darker side of diamonds.

Whilst natural, fancy black diamonds do exist and get their colour from dark inclusions of graphite, sulphides or other minerals, they are extremely rare. So many black diamonds begin their life as a white diamond, before undergoing heat treatment to get their dark hue. This does mean that black diamonds are typically more affordable than their white counterparts, giving you more carat for your money.

Over the years, black diamonds have grown massively in popularity and they have celebs to thank for that. Of course, one of the most famed black diamond is the engagement ring fictional Mr.Big gave to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, with the words “Because you’re not like anyone else”. And that’s exactly what black diamonds symbolise: individuality, eccentricity and uniqueness. Back in the real world, black diamonds have also proved popular for both unique engagement rings and glamourous red carpet jewellery, seen on big names including Kate Moss, Kat Von D and Jennifer Lawrence.

Tahitian Pearl Geode Earrings

little h, Los Angeles, USA ​

A completely unique take on black diamond jewellery, these drop earrings feature sliced pearls lined with luscious black diamonds. Innovative design from Los Angeles brand little h.

Tahitian Pearl Geode Earrings

Black Diamond Pavé Ball with Hematite

Loushelou, London, UK​

This hematite bead bracelet has an 18kt white gold ball accent pavé set with black diamonds. A cool, understated and everyday way to wear black diamonds.

Black Diamond Pavé Ball With Hematite

18kt Black Diamond Chakra Ring

Syna, New Jersey, USA ​

Part of Syna’s Chakra collection, this bright 18kt yellow gold ring is accented beautifully by the dark hue of black diamonds. Approximately 0.3 carats of black diamonds are pavé set in the centre of this interesting cocktail ring.

18kt Black Diamond Chakra Ring


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