Bohemian counterculture has been an experimental and free-spirited branch of fashion for centuries. Often associated with painters, artists and intellectuals, the bohemian style is grounded in non-conformity and artistic prowess. When choosing this theme for your wedding, it can be hard to find jewellery to match the effortless and individualistic aesthetic. We have compiled a short list of tips for those looking for something different to the conventional wedding ideal. Grab a notepad, grab a mug of tea, and drink in these gorgeous jewellery designs.

Bohemian style is characterised by unconventionality, and these mismatched Yellow Gold Filled Archer Earrings by Alison Fern Jewellery perfectly encompass this. Their irregularity and experimentative feel are eclipsed by their expertly handcrafted form. A celestial arrangement of baby freshwater pearls and 14kt gold hoops give these a free-flowing and cascading look. Delicately feminine with an edge, these are the ideal pair of earrings to compliment a boho-chic vibe.

The trend of layering necklaces has been hitting the catwalks yet again this year, and Gabrielle Friedman's Yellow Gold Layering Diamonds Chain Necklace is a staple piece if you want to achieve this look. This necklace is incredibly versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways. Wrap it twice around the neck and you will have a elegant and sophisticated boho accessory. Add another necklace like the Yellow Gold Midnight Love Nugget Necklace to elevate this layered look.

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Why not choose a piece of wedding jewellery that will keep you calm and collected on one of the most nerve-wracking days. Your wedding can often be the cause of much stress, and on the lead up to the day, you need a little reminder to stay centered and focus on your well-being. Consider wearing these helpful mantra necklace, each with their own powerful message and symbol. The ethos of creating beautiful objects that double up as spiritual touchstones is a lovely reminder of serenity and calmness on a day that may be a roller coaster of emotions.

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