Meaning skull in Latin, Ecrannium is a new London-based brand created by Ana Almendros, which expresses beauty where people wouldn’t normally see it. From dragons and insects to skulls and skeletons, Ana’s designs transform items that are normally associated with darkness, into elegant expressions of beauty.

“I have always loved dragons”

The Dragon’s collection is the first collection from Ecrannium, and features multiple designs that represent different parts of the dragon’s anatomy. “I have always loved dragons; I even have a dragon tattoo. I love the shapes contained in the dragon’s anatomy, they are so edgy and dark, but strikingly beautiful.”

Ana has cleverly designed the collection in a way that transforms dragons, traditionally gothic symbols relating to darkness and evil, into elegant but still unusual pieces of jewellery that can be worn on a daily basis. “I believe that this jewellery will appeal to all women who have an eye for high quality and are looking to wear pieces that stand out from the rest of the market, without spending thousands of pounds. Maybe those who have a rebellious side to them!”

The more you look at it, the better it gets.The Golden Dragon's Crest Ring

Each design goes through a strict design process. “Initially, we start with many, many different sketches and drawings. Then prototypes are made in Madrid, which is an iterative process to get to the final look of the piece. The pieces are then handmade in a workshop in London. Once the pieces are created, it takes around 21 days to produce the items, from start to finish.”

This collection represents Ana’s design style; unique, timeless and against the grain of current fashion and trends. “The most important feature of each item I create must be one of timelessness. I get bored of fashion trends quite easily, so I want to create jewellery that I don’t get tired of, pieces that look better, the more one looks at them. I want my customers to feel the same way about my jewellery.”

The Golden Punk Dragon EarringsThe Little Dragon RingThe Golden Crested And Non-Creasted Dragon Pin Earrings

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