They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, your wedding will become your baby, and you will need all the support you can get to throw a successful ceremony and reception. Magazine upon magazine, editorial upon editorial. Researching for a wedding can be overwhelming. We’re here to provide you with the styling advice that you aren’t given when buying on the high street.

Bridal wear has transitioned in recent years. Traditional gowns are slowly retreating into the past, as new garments rise to the forefront of the catwalks. We’re talking jumpsuits, tailored suits, colourful dresses, bold and mismatched patterns. Alongside these modern bridal clothing designs, are the contemporary jewellery releases.

JewelStreet is home to over 500 independent designers, who pour their time and love into crafting jewellery for special occasions. No wedding ceremony is complete without a one-of-a-kind and handmade piece of jewellery. Stand out from the crowd and make sure that no bride will ever look the same as you do!

We’ve taken a look at the SS19 Bridal wear collections,and have found jewellery dupes for you to try. Read on to find out how we would accessorise the dresses, and what jewellery we would pair with the modern bride.

Rasario SS19

Rasario SS19

These tailored Satin Cropped Pants by Rasario are both stylish and comfortable. The crisp white press is clean and minimal. They have been paired with an intricate and whimsical lace top, with excess material added to accentuate the shoulders. We would pair this bridal style with two bold cuffs, like Rasario have also done.

Gold Oni cuff  Yellow Gold Cuff   Gold Heavenly Cuff Bangle

Hissia | Gold Oni Cuff | £459.00
Augustine Jewels | Yellow Gold Cuff | £636.00
Murkani Jewellery | Gold Heavenly Cuff Bangle | £432.00

Alternatively, consider wearing lace-inspired jewellery. Both will finish off the look completely differently. Cufflinks are imbued with strength and resilience, whilst lace is indicative of femininity and sophistication. Two completely different styles. Which one would you choose?

Carmen Silver Ring/Knuckle Ring   Silver Filigree Barcelona Hoops   Carmen Silver Ring/Knuckle Ring

Brigitte Adolph Jewellery Design | Carmen Silver Ring / Knuckle Ring | £268.00
Agora Jewellery | Silver Filigree Barcelona Hoops | £300.00

Berta SS19

Berta Bei SS19

The Berta bridal SS19 collection was showcased in a runway show at the New York Bridal Fashion Week in October. The collection is home to intricate crystal-work, lavish tattoo effect sleeves, delicate beading and glistening sequins. Colour hues were mainly silver and off-white, which provided a clean backdrop for the interweaving appliques and busy detailing.

Berta chose to style their luxurious and elegant dresses with large chandelier earrings. We’ve taken our pick of some of JewelStreet’s most lavish and extravagant earrings that would suit this style perfectly. Go big or go home ladies! These would be perfect for a Boho, Festival or Gatsby themed wedding.

If you have a heavily detailed dress, then try and play on proportions. The larger the better with your jewellery choices. Don’t be afraid to mismatch patterns, just ensure that the same tone of crystal is visible in both your bridal gown and your jewellery. This will tie the whole look together.

Large Five Drop Sterling Silver Earrings  Chandelier Silver Filigree Earrings   White Deco Chandelier Earrings

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery | Large Five Drop Sterling Silver Earrings | £225.00
Agora Jewellery | Chandelier Silver Filigree Earrings | £550.00
Lustre of London | White Deco Chandelier Earrings | £150.00

Hermione De Paula SS19

Hermione De Paula

Hermione De Paula is another stand-out bridal collection for Spring/Summer of 2019. Breaking free from the traditional confines of the colour white, this collection is all things pink and romantic. There is an emphasis on florals, mesmerising colour tones, alongside abstract and animated patterns. These gowns are rewriting the bridal style scene. Watch this space!

There is a harmonious connection between Hermione De Paula’s collection and JewelStreet’s stunning array of bridal accessories. They are both expertly handmade with the finest materials.

Jewellery is often thought of as the finishing touch to a bride’s overall look, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your jewellery is a part of your narrative, so it should speak volumes and perfectly convey your personality. Flirty and fun-loving? Try out the pink tones.

Deeply in Love   Pink Ombre Earrings   Pear Shape Pink Morganite Ring

Socheec | Deeply In Love | £2,637.00
little h | Pink Ombre Earrings | £2,515.00
Oh My Christine Jewelry | Pear Shape Pink Morganite Ring | £2,443.00

Vera Wang SS19

Vera Wang SS19

Beige is the new White in Vera Wang’s Spring 2019 Bridal Collection. Nude tones remain at the centre of each design, and are contrasted by bold splashes of colour that draw the eye. Take a look at these two gorgeous gowns. You can easily DIY the yellow accessories here and incorporate them into your own gown.

This collection is perfect for the bride that is searching for something unconventional, for something that many people will not have seen before. JewelStreet have a range of unique and handmade jewellery pieces to match this statemented one-of-a-kind style. We offer items that you can’t find on the high street. You are unlikely to ever see another person wearing the same jewellery as you did on your wedding day!]

We would pair these loud and proud gowns with some understated and subtle jewellery pieces. Thin wire will compliment the tulle-like material of the dresses beautifully.

Yellow Gold Plated Orange Cube Necklace  Cushion Cut Ring   Sterling Silver & Palladium Canary Teardrop Earrings

Harry Kotlar | Cushion Cut Ring | £63,104.00

Viktor & Rolf SS19

Viktor & Rolf SS19

Viktor and Rolf are providing brides with an empty canvas that is just shouting out to be accessorised by JewelStreet. You really can pair anything you like with this type of bridal wear. It is totally dependent on what style you choose to go for, whether that be classic, bohemian, festival or vintage.

Both of these necklines lend themselves to wearing drop necklaces or chokers. The v-neck and strapless straight across designs leave the neck free to be adorned with gorgeous jewellery treats. Here is a selection of pieces that you could pick from. Remember to take into account the colour of your wedding band. If it is silver, then it may be a good idea to keep the rest of your jewellery silver too.

Silver Medium Short Lily Pearl Pendant   White Topaz Accent Double Drop Short Necklace   Portobello White Gold Diamond Geo Pendant

Amanda Cox Jewellery | Silver Medium Short Lily Pearl Pendant | £88.00
London Road Jewellery Portobello White Gold Diamond Geo Pendant | £495.00

Carolina Herrera SS19

Carolina Herrera SS19

The complete Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2019 collection recently starred on the Vogue runway. With bows and ribbons galore, the collection is imbued with a sense of joviality, relaxed flexibility and effortless design.

The colour purple really caught our eye here at JewelStreet, and we couldn’t wait to accessorise the gowns for you. Get matching cufflinks for your groom, and make sure you create a truly seamless wedding aesthetic.

Amethyst Infinity Drop earrings   Royal Cocktail Cluster   Octavo Purple Mist Cufflinks

Justin Richardson Amethyst Infinity Drop EarringsRoyal Cocktail Cluster, Octavo Purple Mist Cufflinks | £495.00, £3,950.00 and £4,395.00

Hayley Paige SS19

Hayley Paige SS19

The Hayley Paige Blush SS19 collection has taken the industry by storm. Enchanting, whimsical and fairy tale are words synonymous with these designs. This is a bridal wear collection that will most suitably be matched with pearls.

Pearls are the staple jewellery item of the wedding industry, and their inclusion within bridal styling can be traced back for centuries. Take a look at these luxurious jewellery pieces, that each feature pearls at their design core. Throw it back to a traditional and classical wedding style here at JewelStreet.

Graduated Rose Pearls Necklace   Akoya Pearl Diamond Earrings - 8-8.5mm Pearls   Pure Line Necklace In Gold And Pearls

Hiho Silver | Graduated Rose Pearls Necklace | £336.00
Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte Pure Line Necklace In Gold & Pearls | £2,226.00