Earthy and golden in colour, bronze is an often-overlooked alternative to 10 or 14kt gold. Not only is it more affordable, but the durable metal has a wonderfully rustic charm that you simply can’t achieve with gold.


Bronze has had a long and illustrious history in jewellery making. The alloying of copper and tin produced bronze and gave its name to an era of great craftsmanship and metallurgy – The Bronze Age.

Appreciated for its coppery golden colour and its strength, bronze is a very affordable material. Plus, it has an unpolished and rustic charm that you don’t get with other metals. The colour is deeper and richer, often ageing into a beautiful deep metallic brown over time.

With spring and summer just around the corner, bronze jewellery is our top pick for warmer days and golden tans.

Traveller's Coin Necklace £123 | Starfish Earrings £202 | Relic Cuff £68