Different cultures attach diverse meanings to butterflies. For example, in Asia, a butterfly symbolizes long life, and two of them seen together represent love. This culture is shown in various parts of the world when butterflies are released after a wedding ceremony is complete. 

On the other hand, the Native Americans believed that if you capture a butterfly and tell it a wish, it will fly up to the Great Spirit and grant your wish. Butterfly jewelry has gained popularity over time. This is because they are the most popular themes across most jewelry.

Rhodium Plated Turquoise Butterfly Bracelet - Soul2Seven £159


There is no doubt that butterflies are a hot trend right now. Butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of life. They are a favorite totem for almost everyone. This piece of butterfly jewelry is a creation of a Turkish jewelry brand, Soul2Seven, and is crafted from beautiful rhodium plated silver. 

The rhodium-plated turquoise butterfly bracelet has an intricate and colorful turquoise butterfly centerpiece. The fun and sophisticated bracelet features a butterfly at the center of it. The butterfly bracelet is rhodium plated on a sterling silver base that guarantees the highest quality and prolongs wear time. 

The makers of these bracelets, Soul2Seven, specialize in affordable and unique handmade jewelry for both men and women. These brand creators are passionate about making a difference, and spreading the proper energy to their clienteles, utilizing distinct and symbolic jewelry.

Sterling Silver Mosaic Butterfly Bracelet - SOLUNA £390 


This impressive unique butterfly bracelet has been crafted out of 925 silver sterling to give it a timeless and elegant look. This butterfly bracelet is a bangle that features native and natural stones and other seashells to provide it with a mosaic effect. The shape and the colors are perfectly arranged to look like a butterfly. 

This piece of butterfly jewelry is crafted by a British-Peruvian designer based in London. Miguel Depaz is the founder of SOLUNA, an international and dynamic company that offers fine Peruvian jewellery that features excellent quality, groundbreaking designs and delivers impeccable designs. 

Miguel mixed mystical Peruvian culture and the fresh and contemporary modern design to create SOLUNA.

18kt White Gold Butterfly Earrings - Libelula Jewelry £2,460


Fly away and find yourself; butterflies represent a personal season of transformation. Butterflies are usually used as encouragement during challenging life events. You can give this to a newly married couple to symbolize a new beginning and represent the aesthetic aspect of transformation, hope, change, and growth. 

The 18kt white gold butterfly earrings can transform an ordinary outfit to look extraordinary. The earrings are a collection of Libelula jewelry by Camilla Samuelsen. 

Libelula jewelry is a Norwegian luxury jewelry brand that is handmade from high-quality materials and licensed gemstones using 18kt gold, diamonds, sapphires, morganites, and many other precious stones.

Extra Long Diamond Modern Butterfly Grey Freshwater Pearl Rosary Necklace - ClonferoDaPonte £1,503


This butterfly jewelry has excellent quality and lustrous pearls. The extra-long diamond modern butterfly grey freshwater pearl rosary necklace can make a wonderful gift for both young and old. 

This necklace is crafted by ClonferoDaPonte, which is founded by Catarina Schippinger. Catarina finds her motivation in religious, cultural, and spiritual symbols and crafts her jewelry utilizing a professional casting and setting process, and every aspect is accomplished by hands.

Sterling Silver Baroque Pearl Multi-Colored Butterfly Earrings - Latelita £195


This is the best choice for you if you are a lover of statement jewelry. Use this inspired earrings as a finishing touch to any special occasion outfit. The butterfly tops are beautified by multiple colored cubic zirconia with dangling baroque pearls. 

The butterfly meaning represents spiritual birth, creativity, vibrant joy, limitless potential, change, and the ability to experience the wonder of life. You can wear the sterling silver baroque pearl multi-colored butterfly earrings as long as you take proper care and caution since the pearls are not as strong as diamonds. 

These earrings are a part of Latelita’s jewelry collection. The jewelry combines the modern European panache to create elegant pieces made from semi-precious gemstones and metal.

Rhodium Plated Black Butterfly Necklace - Soul2Seven £227


This fantastic silver black rhodium -plated necklace is a make from the Soul2Seven brand. It has a butterfly pendant that acts as a guide for personal development, mental awareness, and spiritual rhythm. The elegant and beautiful butterfly necklace can be worn anytime for any day and special occasions too. 

The rhodium-plated black butterfly necklace is handcrafted with sterling silver and rhodium plated. It can be best described as a choker since it sits right on the neck. The makers of this butterfly jewelry are passionate about making a change by spreading good energy to the buyers, using their distinct and very symbolic jewelry designs.

14kt & 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond, Ruby, & Pearl Butterfly Statement Necklace - ERAYA £1,941


Jewelry with pearls was once only available to people with a good income. However, anyone can afford them now because jewelry stores are offering pearl jewelry at a reasonable price. 

The 14kt & 18kt yellow gold, ruby & pearl butterfly statement necklace is an elegant piece of butterfly jewelry that goes with almost all outfits on any occasion because of its appealing look.

This timeless vintage jewelry is part of ERAYS’s collection. Hima Yalamanchii is the founder of ERAYA and gets inspiration for her jewelry collection from nature and art.