St Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural and religious celebration, honouring the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. The celebration is held on the traditional day of St Patrick’s death (17th March), and was made an official feast day in the early 17th Century. The day honours and celebrates the heritage and culture of Ireland, with the day involving public parades and festivals. It is a day celebrated by many. St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and many people with Irish ties who live around the world join together to celebrate the day, most prominently the USA.

St Patrick’s Day is a popular day all around the world, so it seemed fitting to write about how to honour the day with your jewellery. On St Patrick’s Day, it is customary to wear green, as Ireland is identified as the Emerald Isle, due to its green coloured landscape. The traditional motifs of Ireland, like shamrocks and claddagh’s are worn and celebrated as an important part of Irish culture.

This St Patrick’s Day, celebrate the culture and heritage of Ireland with Irish-themed jewellery.


The shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland, a three-leaf sprig that St Patrick used as a metaphor when explaining the Holy Trinity. Shamrocks are mentioned in songs, worn during St Patrick’s Day celebrations and were worn by the Irish Volunteers, who defended Ireland from France and Spain in the 18th Century. A popular custom of St Patrick’s Day is wetting or drowning the shamrock, where the plant is put into the bottom of a cup and drunk as a toast to St Patrick. It is either swallowed with the drink, or taken out and thrown over the shoulder for good luck.

Shamrocks are important symbols in Ireland’s history and culture. If you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day, honour Ireland and their heritage, with shamrock themed jewellery. The shape of a shamrock is simple, understated and is used in jewellery perfectly. Pick a simple colour or material and make it all about the shape and cultural importance of the shamrock.


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In 1926, the Irish Free State government passed the Coinage Act which allowed the Minister for Finance to make silver, nickel and bronze coins. A committee was made to choose designs for the new coins, and native animals of Ireland were put forward, due to their importance in Ireland’s agricultural economy. Designer Percy Metcalfe created the designs for the eight pre-decimal coins. Animals on the coins included horses, pigs, salmon, bulls, hounds, hares, hens and woodcocks. The harp, a heraldic emblem of Ireland was on the reverse of the coin. In 1970, Ireland’s currency was changed to the decimal system, keeping Metcalfe’s original designs, before Ireland changed to the Euro in 1999.

Coin necklaces have become increasingly popular today. Katie Mullally’s most popular collection is her coin collection, where she celebrates the old Irish coins and creates them into fashionable modern day pieces. Celebrate the history of the Irish coin, with a Katie Mullally coin necklace.


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Celtic iconography

Ancient Celtic influences are seen throughout Ireland’s history. Celtic crosses feature heavily in Irish culture and are worn for religious reasons, as well as decorative purposes. The claddagh is a traditional Irish ring, which represents love, friendship and loyalty. It was first produced in the 17th Century but it dates back to Roman times. The ring features a heart, hands and crown and is traditionally worn to convey the wearer’s relationship status.

If the ring is on the right hand with the heart pointing towards the fingers, the wearer is single and possibly looking for love. If the ring is on the right hand with heart pointing towards the wrist, the wearer is not looking for a relationship. This can be for a multitude of reasons, like they’re not interested in a relationship or they’re with someone already. If the ring is on the left hand with the heart pointing towards the fingers, the wearer is engaged and if the ring is on the left hand with the heart pointing towards the wrist, the wearer is married. The claddagh and Celtic icons are important symbols in Irish culture and history, and therefore should be worn in celebration and honour of Ireland.


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