Let us clear up the confusion between engagement rings and promise rings. Basically, you give or get engagement rings when you have accepted a proposal to spend your lives together. Whereas reasons for promise rings vary, the most common ones are - 

- The promise to someday be engaged, just not yet.

- The promise to be best friends forever.

- Big anniversaries.

- Commitment to faith.

- Given to a family member to show love.

      There are no rules.

      Promise rings are typically smaller and more dainty that engagement rings, and may not always be worn on the traditional wedding band finger. Then when or if an engagement ring comes along it can be moved onto the other hand or elsewhere. With plenty of promise ring choices you will have no problem finding the perfect one, whether for a loved one, family, friend or yourself.

      For your significant other - 

      These choices, we think would be the perfect promise rings for your other half, to express commitment.


                                  Knot Ring | Solitaire Heart Shaped Diamond Ring | Silver & Diamond Open Heart Ring


                                                           Bijou Diamond Ring Rose Gold Vermeil | Twist Collection Band

      For your best friend - 

      Promise rings, we believe would be the best way to show your BFF how much they mean to you. Even become matching and wear the same ring.



                                                 Organic Band With Garnets | XO Ring | Infinity Eternity Ring In 9kt White Gold


                                     Sterling Silver Heart Ring | Anatomical Heart & Sterling Silver Claddagh Stacking Rings

      For your family - 

      Although this may not be the traditional reason for a promise ring, family members could gift these rings for special birthdays, graduation, big achievements, etc.



                          Forget-Me-Knot Ring Silver | Hammered Sterling Silver Band With 9kt Heart | 9kt Gold Opal Ring


                                    Sterling Silver & Platinum Stackable Birthstone Band | Diamond Heart Ring in Rose Gold

      Treat someone to a promise ring now - such a lovely and meaningful gift.