Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Based in Dubai, NC Rocks was founded by mother-daughter duo, Nadine Hammoud and Cherine Altobaishi. From painting to fashion design, Nadine has been creating her whole life and this creativity inevitably rubbed off onto daughter, and now business partner, Cherine. Nadine always looked to her daughter for input on designs and after Cherine graduated, they set up their brand together.

“I felt my mother’s talents deserved to be shared with the world and together we make such a strong team. Making this dream a reality was my way of saying thanks to her for being such a great influence in my life.”

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São Paulo, Brazil

Born in Brazil, Joana Salazar creates eye-catching, feminine jewellery designs that reflect her life experiences. Joana’s intrigue into the stories and symbolic meanings behind jewellery started when she was a little girl, and her belief that jewellery carries feelings and memories is echoed throughout her collection. “I remember as a child that my godmother would come to my house on my birthday to give me jewellery that my mother had passed to her when she was a little girl. I always had a feeling that jewellery was more than something you wore to look pretty.”

Joana believes her jewellery is a true reflection of her day-to-day family life. “I have a collection that was designed while I was pregnant, and it’s all about maternity. I do a lot of travel and I love to visit museums and exhibitions but my inspiration comes from daily life, from memories, travels and experiences I have with my family.”

“The most meaningful piece of jewellery I’ve ever received was a pair of earrings I used to see my mother wear when she had an important event. My mother passed them to me when my son was born and that means a lot to me.”

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Victoria, Australia

Murkani Jewellery is the brain-child of Australian designer Kiralee McNamara, who started creating jewellery at the age of just sixteen. “I grew up in a family of all females. I was heavily influenced by my mother as she was the one we depended on in the family. I think growing up without a father makes you very independent and driven. Driven to create the life you want, which means the career of your choice but also the family you want.” Kiralee is now living her dream, working as a full-time jewellery designer whilst also having time to be the best mother to her three daughters. “My studio is off the side of my house, which allows me a lot of freedom to spend time with my children. My 3 girls now all go to school but are generally home by 4pm so then I can take time to be with them and hear about their day, as well as get a full day’s work in.”

“I am so grateful that I could follow a creative career path of my choice. And I love that I can combine it with motherhood. It’s given me great flexibility which is so wonderful when you want to be truly present in your children's lives.”

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