Choose Your Favourite Cocktail And Discover Your Matching Cocktail Ring

Did you know cocktail rings were intended to draw attention to your cocktail? That’s right. During the prohibition, women would wear bold and extravagant cocktail rings whilst sipping on forbidden alcoholic beverages. Feeling free and liberated, these jewellery items convey much more than good style. They represent a carefree attitude towards life, one that is full of fun!

For me, a cocktail ring is the perfect piece of jewellery to wear on a date… and what better way to pass an evening than sipping on cocktails and getting to know one another? This is why you need a cocktail ring to match your favourite cocktail. Imagine a citrine gemstone ring complimenting the honey hues of your negroni. Or a ravishing ruby battling for attention with the crisp red tones of your Cosmopolitan.

Discover the best cocktail ring based on your favourite cocktails. Do you like pina coladas? Or perhaps you’re more of a French 75 kind of girl. Whatever tantalises your taste-buds, we have a ring that is equally delicious.

Espresso Martini

Rose Gold Plated Silver Ring With Brown Stingray Leather & Smoky Quartz Espresso Martini

a cuckoo moment... | Rose Gold Plated Silver Ring With Brown Stingray Leather & Smoky Quartz | £127.00

For coffee-lovers, sipping an espresso martini is like delving into caffeine paradise. This smooth and delicious cocktail is traditionally made using a mixture of vodka, coffee, sugars and a liqueur of some kind. I remember a date once made me a salted caramel espresso martini. But the only love that was in the air that night was between me and this cocktail casanova! This drink lifts you up after a hard day at work whilst simultaneously letting you unwind. Just like magic. Like an espresso martini, this ring by a cuckoo moment creates the perfect balance between sweet and rich. The rose gold is chic and feminine, perfectly complimented by the dark and chocolatey quartz gemstones. Feel sensual and sexy with this ring poised around your coupe glass!

Martini (dry and dirty)

  Lyra Deco RingMartiniRound Green Amethyst Diamond Halo Ring

It’s James Bond’s drink. Shaken not stirred. Therefore, you’ll need a classy and flashy ring to live up to this world renowned drink. A martini is made with either gin and vodka mixed with dry vermouth. To make a martini a dirty martini, it is served with olive brine and usually an olive on a cocktail stick. This drink exudes class a poise. It belongs in the fingertips of a strong women who knows what she wants (or rather how she likes her martini!). For those of you who like your martinis dry, Lustre of London’s Lyra Deco Ring is the cocktail ring made for you. Dry martinis are as crisp as ice water, therefore you need a dazzling white ring to compliment your drink. Oh my Christine Jewelry’s green amethyst ring will suit the ladies who like their martinis dirty. The subtle green hues are deliciously alluring. Feel as cool and classy as Bond with rings that radiate luxury.

Old Fashioned

Rutilated Quartz Ring Old Fashioned Cocktail

baerjewels | Rutilated Quartz Ring | £4,145.00

An old fashioned cocktail emanates old-school glamour. The drink originates in New York and dates back to 1806. Consisting typically of bourbon and a mixture of sugar and bitters, this drink is certainly made for those with a refined palette. An old fashioned has a honey-coloured hue and is usually garnished with a twist of orange. The Rutilated Quartz Ring by baerjewels perfectly embodies an old fashioned. The strong and striking design and glowing orange hue of this ring will make you feel like a New York star. Feel like you're sipping a cocktail in a Manhattan speakeasy as you flaunt the object of everyone’s envy. This ring comes from an award-winning Hong-Kong designer, so match the drink of champions with the ring of champions too!


Snow RingMargarita Cocktail

Pasionae | Snow Ring | £358.00

I don’t mean to be biased, but nothing beats a margarita. With a sour and salty margarita in your hands, you know the night’s going to be full of fun. This cocktail became popular in Mexico during the twentieth century. A mix of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice, this drink packs a delicious punch. A margarita is traditionally served in a margarita glass or a champagne coupe with a salted rim. Its a drink for a fun-loving girl who likes to keep her style cool and fresh. Pasionae’s Snow Ring is cool, chic and bold. It makes a huge visual impact, and would complement the subtle lime tones of your margarita with flair. Wear jewellery that highlights your thirst for life!


Burmese Red Spinel RingCosmopolitan cocktail

baerjewels | Burmese Red Spinel Ring | £24,468.00

Everyone knows this cocktail. The cosmopolitan is the red nail polish or red lipstick of the world of cocktails. Sexy and sensual, the rich red hues radiate romance. This drink became hugely popular in the 90s thanks to Sex And The City character Carrie Bradshaw, who is rarely spotted without a bright cosmopolitan clutched in her hand in the series. The cocktail is vodka-based and mixed with triple sec, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime. Inspired by Carrie’s lavish taste, we have another baerjewels cocktail ring to pair with this sweet red delight. The Burmese Red Spinel Ring is a ring of incomparable beauty. Adorned with an array of shiny white diamonds, the brilliance of the central red masterpiece is accentuated. This ring could be spotted from a mile off, imagine how magical it will look twinkling under the lights of a low-lit cocktail bar. Dreamy, right?

White Russian

Yellow Gold Plated Abstract Halo Cocktail Ring With Black Glass Stone White Russian cocktail

Shimmer By Cindy | Yellow Gold Plated Abstract Halo Cocktail Ring With Black Glass Stone | £148.00

The white Russian was long considered an unsophisticated drink. That was until cult film The Big Lebowski popularised the drink. The striking appearance of this drink creates a strong visual allure. Made using a mixture of coffee liqueur and vodka, topped off using cream of milk, a monochromatic colour block is created in the tumbler. Taking inspiration from the contrasting chocolate and cream colour palette, I think Shimmer By Cindy’s cocktail ring is the perfect pick for the lady who relishes a white Russian. This ring is handcrafted using a rich black gemstone and a champagne coloured halo. Let this beautiful and chic ring twinkle in the light as you sip elegantly on you delicious drink.

French 75

Platinum, Rose & Yellow Gold & Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring French 75 cocktail

Van der Veken | Platinum, Rose & Yellow Gold & Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring | £2,604.00

The French 75 cocktail was created by Harry MacElhone in Harry’s Bar Paris during the 1920s. Imagine the scene. It’s the roaring 20s, you’re sat in a Parisian cafe listening to jazz and wearing your finest evening gown. The charismatic waiter comes dancing over and places two French 75s on the table. Champagne, gin, lemon juice, and a dash of syrup, garnished with a twist of lemon. As you seize the drink, your diamond cocktail ring glitters on your finger. What does that ring look like? It has to be Van der Veken’s Toi et Moi ring, of course. Featuring a yellow and cognac coloured diamond, and yellow, white and rose gold, this subtle colour palette reflects the elegance of the French 75 cocktail to a tee.