Spotted all over the runways, pearls are back in the fashion spotlight. If you think pearl is old-fashioned and traditional, then you have totally underestimated these lustrous little gems.


How to choose the perfect Pearl necklace? 

You can find all different types of designer's pearl jewellery on JewelStreet. Including Japanese Akoya Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Tahitian Pearls... I know, there are many choices, so it's important to consider its fundamental qualities, such as shape, roundness and luster, so you can reach 'pearl-fection'.




How to buy Pearls?

Before choosing your pearl necklace, you should read 'The 7 Value Factors':

A full article can be found from GIA Pearl Buying Guide

1. Size 

Bigger is better.

2. Shape

  • Circle - eg. round circled, or drop circled
  • Spherical - Round/ near round
  • Symmetrical - Button, oval or drop 
  • Baroque - Irregular non-spherical shape
  • Semi Baroque - Slightly symmetrical, off round

3. Color

Two factors that determine its overall colour: Body Colour & Overtone.

Neutrals: white, black, grey
Near-neutrals: cream, brown, silver

4. Luster

The luster of a pearl refers to the glowing appearance of its surface and we rate the pearl accordingly to:

  • Excellent: bright and sharp reflections
  • Very good: Reflection bright and near sharp
  • Good: Bright and not sharp
  • Fair: Weak and blurred
  • Poor: dim and diffused

Freshwater and Tahitian pearls: almost metallic luster.

South Seas Pearl: rarely have intense luster

5. Surface

We look for the following characteristics & blemishes: bumps, chips, cracks, flats, gaps, pits, spots, wrinkles & abrasion

6. Nacre quality

Nacre is the very essence of the pearl itself.

  • Look for chalky appearances
  • Blinking of a pearl - Looking for nacre thickness and learn to detect thin nacre.

7. Matching 

Ideally, a perfect necklace contains pearls of exactly the same qualities, but sometimes a few pearls may be slightly not the same as the rest of the necklace. So it is a good idea to check how the pearls are matched.

*not applicable to jewellery that only has one pearl*



Coco Chanel, who said “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”
And of course, you can’t go wrong with this timeless style.

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