On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – a partridge in a pear tree! Do you know how many birds there are in the First Day of Christmas song? The answer… a massive 23 birds! The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th days of Christmas all feature birds like turtle doves, French hens, calling birds, geese and swans. Perfectly in time with Christmas, why not pick out some gorgeous bird jewellery for yourself or a loved one?

Birds in jewellery are not only beautifully detailed and keep you in touch with nature, but birds are also packed full of meaning. Birds are symbols of flight, freedom and perspective and different birds symbolise different things. Sparrows are symbols of hope and companionship, robins symbolise passion and honour as well as being spotted around Christmastime and eagles represent courage (to name a few). Birds are great to accessorise with this Christmas as well as getting ready for spring!

Here we have a handy guide on how to style bird-themed jewellery in time for Christmas!


When you think of birds, you think of flying. Birds can add so much meaning to the piece and to the wearer. A bird necklace can be given to a son or daughter if they are moving out of the family home or ‘flying the nest’. A bird bracelet can be given to someone who is about to head off travelling so will be flying around the world. The possibilities are endless. Birds in mid-flight are a brilliant way to add movement into a piece of jewellery. The Gold Swallow Pinky Ring from Roz Buehrlen is a delicate ring that sits on your smallest finger with a swallow perching on top of the band. The bird looks as if it is about to fly away which gives the piece a whimsical addition to a beautiful ring.


Roz Buehrlen | Gold Swallow Pinky Ring (Left)| £130.00
Charlotte Cornelius | Silver Seabirds Pendant (Middle)| £154.00
Blush & Bashful | Birds On A Wire Ring (Right)| £225.00


Birds in cages are a great addition to your jewellery collection. The Rose Gold Bird Locket from Lily Blanche is a delicate and intricate design. The contrast of the silver egg locket and the rose bird perfectly symbolises freedom. The Gold Plated Silver Little Bird Earrings from Oria Jewellery has a satin finish and hangs from the ear comfortably.

Gallardo and Blaine Designs Bird Pendant (Left)| £128.00
Lily Blanche Rose Gold Bird Locket (Right)| £110.00
Oria Jewellery | Gold Plated Silver Little Bird Earrings (Below)| £70.00


Move away from the standard bird you’d find in the garden and go for something more extravagant and exotic, just like these birds! Carry the rainforest with you with the Yellow Gold Plated Toucan Necklace from Jana Reinhardt Jewellery. Toucans represent showmanship and communication, so is perfect for that outgoing person in your life. Flamingos and peacocks are a great way to add some colour into your jewellery, with beautiful pinks and blues transforming your look.

Syna 18kt Mogul Peacock Pendant with Chain (Left)| £11,654.00
Opes Robur Sterling Silver Flamingo Earrings (Right)| £99.00
Jana Reinhardt Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Toucan Necklace (Below)| £139.00


If you’re looking for something more realistic, why not try looking at the anatomy of a bird? Tracy Hills Jewellery Immortal Collection features skulls and bones from a bird. Ravens, sparrows and robins are used in this collection and adds a Gothic feel to any outfit. (No animals are harmed in the making of Tracy Hills Jewellery.)

Tracy Hills Jewellery | Silver Bird Skull Pendant With A Gold Bow, Gold Vermeil Bird Claw Necklace and Gold Vermeil Sparrow Bird Skull Pendant  | £155.00, £180.00 and £140.00


Wings and feathers are a beautiful way to accessorise and there are so many different feathers to choose from. The Peacock Bangle from Harriet Bedford is made from sheet metal and was shortlisted for the Kayman silver design award, assuring you of its quality. Feather earrings are an amazing addition to any outfit. Drop feather earrings hang from the earlobe and elongate the neck, giving an elegant and textured look.

Harriet Bedford | Peacock Bangle (Left)| £195.00
Becky Rowe | Sterling Silver Feather Earrings (Right)| £96.00