Going to a wedding? And finding it difficult to find a clutch bag?  

Buying a clutch bag for a wedding is always a difficult task. You want to look your best, but you never want to eclipse the bride. Our fashion gurus have some great advice on how to look stunning at a wedding without creating a raging bridezilla. 

Don’t upstage the bride

We know. We’ve kind of covered this, but it is a point that is worth repeating. Never upstage the bride - unless you’re longing for a lifelong nemesis. 

We all love dressing up at weddings. We like to believe the elegant dresses, the ceremonial pomp and the beautiful accessories are why weddings are such a sacred occasion. 

But when it comes to choosing a clutch handbag for a wedding it might be best to keep it simple, understated and elegant. Especially during the reception. You can go a little wilder at night. 

It’s the bride’s once in a lifetime (hopefully) occasion. And she should be allowed to enjoy it. 

Clutch Bags for Weddings

The perfect ceremony companion.

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Pacha’s moon design is the perfect example of a subtle accessory that imbues an outfit with an outstanding sense of style but won’t overshadow the bride. You won’t go wrong choosing this bag as your companion for the ceremony. 

Will it hold your wedding survival kit? 

Weddings are one of those occasions where you’ll wish Doctor Who made handbags. You’ll want to carry the entire kitchen sink in a bag the size of a purse. So, make sure you find a bag that has enough room to carry all the essentials you need. 

What essentials do we recommend? All our style gurus disagree over the exact items they need but the list almost always includes these eight items:- perfume, tissue, confetti, sunglasses, safety pin, plasters, an umbrella and a compact mirror. 

So, you might want to opt for a roomier bag that allows you to prepare for all wedding day disasters. 

Grey Clutch Bags for WeddingsA subtle clutch bag that will hold everything you need. 

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Maberick’s tooled leather bag is a great choice for those girl scouts that love to be prepared. The intricately patterned leather provides a stylish and elegant design that will enhance any wedding outfit while holding everything you could possibly need. The two internal pockets are great for organising your kit too. 

Don’t go casual

A casual clutch bag is a big no-no at a wedding. You have to remember that it is a formal event and choose a clutch that respects this. So don’t go for anything too funky or fun. Go for something timeless, classic and elegant. 

A timeless and classic clutch for a wedding

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AWA’s creamy leather clutch bag is the definition of a sophisticated, timeless design that will make your wedding outfit shine.  

Have a wild night

Even though understated, elegant styles are the go-to option for the ceremony you needn't be so timid at night. 

This is the time to unleash those super stylish clutches and make a powerful statement. Choose something lightweight, and dazzling. 

Black velvet clutch bagAn artistic design that's great for wedding parties.

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This stunning clutch bag designed by Boutique by Mariam is the way to make a statement at a wedding party. The silver artwork radiates from the black velvet material providing you with a clutch that has an almost hypnotic appeal. 

Don’t match the bridesmaids

Always check to see what colour the bridesmaid train will be wearing. You don’t want an outfit that feels too similar to the main supporting cast of the day.

If you find out you and the bridesmaid are going to be wearing a similar colour, but you can’t change your outfit - a clutch can be the lifeline you so desperately need. By choosing a colourful clutch bag as an accessory, you can use shine the spotlight away from your outfit. 

Designer Clutch Bag For Wedding

An eye-catching clutch bag for a wedding.

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NS by Noof’s cleverly designed and sophisticated style is a clutch that will attract eyes and make any outfit feel distinguished. Set yourself apart with clutches like this.

Avoid white

Avoid outfits that feel too close to white or whatever colour the bride is going to wear. When choosing your clutch for a wedding, remind yourself about what the bride will be wearing. And ask if this outfit is too close to hers. 

Your clutch is an important consideration, as you don’t want a bag to feel too similar to the bridal clutch. 

Find our tips on how to find the perfect wedding companion helpful? Check out our full range on JewelStreet and see if you can find your ideal clutch bag for a wedding.