Cocktail Ring

Its 1922 and you’re swanning down fifth avenue. The night is electric. City lights glitter against the jet black sky. All of a sudden, the screech of car brakes ring through your ears. A royal blue coupe pulls up against the sidewalk. Between a charming smile and words as smooth as honey, you find yourself at The El Fey Club - the most bustling speakeasy in town. Illicit alcohol spills into your crystal glass again and again. The champagne hues glimmer by the candlelight. You drink in the whiskey and music and heat, bumping shoulders with Charles Chaplin and Gloria Swanson. You caress the cool highball glass, feeling like the height of sophistication. Because what makes you stand out amongst all the excitement? Your cocktail ring of course!

The newfound consumerism of the 1920s gave women the freedom to express themselves through fashion. With cropped haircuts, flapper gowns and statement jewellery, women were able to assert their identity in free and exciting ways. The cocktail ring is a symbol of this evolution. During the prohibition, even women were able to partake in unlawful drinking at speakeasies and secret bars. Society championed rebellion and hedonism, conveying their excess through elaborate clothes and jewels. The cocktail ring is a costume-esque piece usually adorned in gemstones and crystals. Striking and bold by nature, the cocktail ring would command attention as you sipped your forbidden French 79.

This classic sartorial gem is the one item you need this festive season. Christmas is a time for glamour when it comes to jewellery. Peruse my pick of seven cocktail rings and find the perfect ring for your festive party!

Open Shard Ring

De Anna Kiernan | Open Shard Ring | £150.00

De Anna Kiernan’s Open Shard Ring is a unique take on the cocktail ring. Crafted using 18kt gold, the dramatic geometric shape of this ring exudes contemporary glamour. This piece is certainly for someone who shies away from the mainstream - but still wants to stand out!

Cocktail Ring Set With Emerald Cut Citrine

Maiko Nagayama | Cocktail Ring Set With Emerald Cut Citrine | £540.00

The art deco style of Maiko Nagayama’s Cocktail Ring will infuse your festivities with old-school glamour. The marriage between the warm citrine and rich rubies exudes romantic allure. This cocktail ring will elevate any outfit to ensure you stay looking chic all year round.

Pavé Cocktail Ring

Freida Rothman | Pavé Cocktail Ring | £253.00

The 1920s were renowned for pave embellished cocktail rings. Imagine wearing this gorgeous piece as it glitters in the corner of a low-lit jazz bar. The clean lines mirror art deco beauty in a contemporary yet timeless manner.

Cocktail Ring Set With Lapis Lazuli

Maiko Nagayama | Cocktail Ring Set With Lapis Lazuli | £450.00

Concealed within this solid gold cocktail ring lies two hidden rubies. The black speckled lapis lazuli mimics a starry sky, heightening the elegance of this ring to heavenly standards. Gold and black is an eternally elegant combination - this timeless ring could be in your family for centuries to come. 

Margarita Citrine Ring With Stingray LeatherDaiquiri Blue Sandstone Ring with Stingray Leather

A cuckoo moment sure knows how to design striking yet tasteful cocktail rings. Whether your aesthetic resides in the bright and bold or the dark and mysterious, these two rings will certainly catch someone’s eye. The Margarita Ring consists of an astonishing citrine cabochon and encircled with twenty delicate rubies. Imagine how these warm hues will dance alongside those whisky colours as you clasp a drink between your fingers. The Daiquiri Ring’s dark and sensual look bleeds sultry allure. Lose yourself as you gaze into the deep blue sandstone as it drips with desire. You’ll be the vision of the bar wearing these gorgeous (not-so) little numbers.

18kt Yellow Gold Topaz Thorn Ring

Ed Wilson Jewellery | 18kt Yellow Gold Topaz Thorn Ring | £1,750.00

The champagne coloured topaz seems to blossom from this ring like a spring flour. The crisp gold tone of this ring is the epitome of high fashion. If your style is delicate, effortless and elegant, this understated and unique ring is definitely the pick for you.

Do you want to dance like it's the roaring 20s? Or let time slip through your fingers as you listen to jazz in a low-lit cocktail bar. Find yourself the perfect cocktail ring and live your 1920s fantasy