Have you seen the buzz in the jewellery world over a historic pink diamond find? 

It's a giant. 170 carats. Over 30 grams.

Any single cut stone over 4-carats would be considered exceptionally large for a diamond ring. 

And only 1 in 10,000 diamonds is pink. 

Coloured diamonds are rare, valuable and make a statement of independence. 

Shout your individuality with these astounding stones. 
18kt rose gold Argyle pink & violet diamond ring
Want one of a kind? The Argyle mine in Australia that produced these stones is now closed. Your ring, by historic, coloured-stone specialists Gems by Pancis, glitters with violet and pink diamonds of world-class size and quality. 
The 18kt white gold & pink diamond rose Dans La Neige necklace
You join exclusive company when you buy Lesunja Fine Jewellery. Lisa Lesunja's work is in demand in St Moritz, Switzerland, and on New York Fashion Week catwalks. You can see why: traditional, Swiss craft mastery, the best materials and a compelling design narrative. 
Silver Swiss cross black diamond earrings
Go against the grain with these deliciously different black diamond earrings. Scarab Jewellery are legendary South African makers. Wouldn't these simple shapes - showcasing 4 stones - work perfectly with your favourite LBD? 
18kt yellow gold blue diamond earrings
You really feel the link to the planet with these raw, natural stones. You also look amazing with these bohemian, rustic, sophisticated hand-crafted pieces from Finland's Castik. These are all-day diamonds that shine in any light.
Cotton & Silver Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
Ever imagine yourself as an Indian princess? Then the historically inspired designs of Kastur Jewels are for you. See how pink diamonds complete a rainbow of tiny glinting gems on a cotton and silver base. The design is inspired by a 9th century baju bracelet, giving you a timeless elegance. 
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There is no selection of coloured stones like this anywhere else. 

Pick your shade - yellow, pink, green - and find the piece that works for you. 

Once you see it, snap it up. 

All diamonds are unique. Our independent jewellers are world-class artists. 

Rare stones combined with rare talent is always a winning combination. 

And it's backed with world-class security and peace of mind, including 28-day returns on many items.