Choosing your colour scheme sets the foundations for your wedding planning journey. Whether you choose a luscious lilac, pretty peach or perfect pink, every other wedding component from that point on will need to match the colour scheme. I’m talking about the dress, the flowers, the venue, the decorations, the invitations and of course… the jewellery.

There are limitless colours to choose from, especially with a Spring palette. If you are getting married in spring 2019 then now is the perfect time to order your wedding jewellery. It’s better to be prepared than otherwise.

Sometimes, you may have to adapt your colour scheme to allow for what your partner wants. For example, if the Bride wants to wear a gown with blush pink undertones, then a Groom wearing a green suit with yellow cufflinks may not compliment this. Find a happy medium between the two of you. It is from this happy medium that your wedding colour scheme will be born.

We’ve selected some gorgeous pieces to match some of the most popular spring wedding colour palettes Your wedding is a canvas, and we have the paintbrushes to add that extra splash of colour and sparkle that it requires. Take a look…

Pastel Pink

Pink is, and always will be, a staple wedding colour. Blush and pastel pinks do not detract from the wedding dress, and certainly will not detract from the ceremony itself. These pieces are perfect for the bride who has a blush undertone to their gown.

Burlington Rose Gold Rose Quartz and Pearl Drop Earrings   9kt Gold & Pink Quartz Four Roses Ring   Rose Gold Plated Rosanna Cuff Bracelet

Gorgeous Grey

Subtle and sophisticated. A grey colour scheme lends itself to a springtime wedding. These pieces will be beautifully offset by yellow floral bouquets. Grey is also a great wedding colour scheme for those who love to wear silver jewellery. Take a look at these divine pieces, and channel a timeless look.

Small Silver Lily Pearl Ring    Grey Pearl Earrings       Grey Diamond Ring

 Amanda Cox jewellery | Small Silver Lily Pearl Ring | £65.00
 Oh My Christine Jewellery | Grey Pearl Earrings | £133.00
 Susan Wheeler Design | Grey Diamond Ring | £4,584.00

Baby Blue

The colour blue is synonymous with clarity and calmness. Bring a soothing wash of colour into your Spring wedding with these endearing baby blue handmade jewellery pieces. They have an oceanic tone to them, and evoke images of ice turning into water, and running into streams as spring begins 

Twig Ring In Solid Gold With Freeform Rose Cut Blue Topaz   Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Pear Drop Earrings   Blue Topaz with White Topaz Accent Bracelet

Luminous Lilac 

Turn heads at your spring wedding with these mesmerising lilac pieces. The colour lilac is often linked to the common lilac flower. Lilacs are planted in Autumn, and build a foundation of roots to get a head start in spring, and they thrive when exposed to the sun. This is a great analogy for your marriage. You are building the foundations of the rest of your lives, and your springtime wedding signals the start of a new chapter. 

Amethyst Flower Earrings   Floret Ring Lilac   Lilac Jade Quartz Pendant 18kt Gold

 Militza Ortiz | Amethyst Flower Earrings | £250.00
Ehinger Schwarz 1876 | Floret Ring Lilac | £226.00
Perle de Lune | Lilac Jade Quartz Pendant 18kt Gold | £244.99

Glowing Green

When you think wedding, you may not immediately think green. That is exactly why this gorgeous green tone has joined our list. Who doesn't want to stand out on their wedding day? 2018 saw the rise of natural bouquets made up of mixed green foliage. This is a trend that will continue to rise in popularity for weddings in 2019. So why not mirror your bridal bouquet through your jewellery too?

The Petronas Green Earrings   Talya Green Amethyst Pendant   Green Sapphire Ombre Ring

 Myriam SOS | The Petronas Green Earrings | £2,737.00
Mishanto London | Talya Green Amethyst Pendant | £115.00
Paolo Costagli New York | Green Sapphire Ombre Ring | £908.00

Perfect Peach

Regal and elegant, peach is the perfect colour tone for your spring wedding. The below pieces by renowned designer Syna are luxurious and statemented. They are encrusted with champagne diamonds and would suit the Bride with a champagne underlay to her dress or a champagne veil.

18kt Peach Moonstone Earrings With Champagne Diamonds   18kt Peach Moonstone Necklace With Champagne Diamonds   18kt Peach Moonstone Earrings With Diamonds