We’ve never needed a reason to invest in jewellery. A classic pair of studs for our wedding here, a diamond bracelet to mark a pay rise there. Jewellery is our investment of choice.

But now it's been confirmed that investing in jewellery isn’t just a smart fashion move, it’s a smart financial move. You get a sparkly new jewel to wear and your money is tied up in a worthwhile investment, what's not to love?

The Coutts Index 2017, which tracks the changing values of ‘passion’ assets and captures the price return of a range of collectibles, has revealed jewellery as the second most lucrative collectible.

Rare instruments took the top spot this year, with average prices rising by 16.4%, while classic cars saw the largest fall at -10.4%. 2016 was a fantastic year for precious jewellery, with returns growing by nearly 12% on the previous year to reach a new all-time high. And it’s up a whopping 150% since 2005.

So, what does this mean?

Well, if you’re looking for an investment that will not only provide a healthy return, but that you can wear in the meantime, then fine jewellery is the perfect option. On average, price returns for jewellery have outstripped those for classic watches. So, if you’re passionate about fine jewellery and let’s be honest, you were probably going to buy it anyway, now you have a bulletproof justification!

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