Jewellery To Sparkle Under The Mistletoe

Mistletoe Magic

Sipping mulled wine in front of a blazing fire. Comforting cashmere caresses against your skin. Feeling your frosty fingertips entwine with his in the bustling Christmas market... Christmas really is the season of romance. With just five days to go until the day of ultimate indulgence, the loving embrace of festive spirit is palpable.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but my favourite Christmas pastime is sharing a mistletoe kiss. As a plant which originally inspired good fortune within a household, mistletoe has come to symbolise a range of meanings. Today, mistletoe becomes synonymous with romance, love and passion. Forget the tacky mistletoe that limply hangs in your office at the Christmas party. If you’re a starry-eyed idealist like I am, the only thing you can imagine below the mistletoe is you and your (incredibly attractive) beau.

Make your mistletoe moment one to last forever. Embrace romance and adorn yourself in jewels for a mistletoe kiss that will sing movie star magic. With these alluring jewellery pieces, you’ll radiate romance, feeling as charming as those jingle bell chimes.


Tibetan Prayer Box Locket Gold Love Locket - Emerald Memory Keeper Pendant Gold

Lockets are the perfect jewellery piece to captivate your festive fancy. For centuries lovers have encased photos, locks of hair and love letters to constantly carry their beloved wherever they go. A timeless and sentimental locket will imbue your Christmas with that extra-special magic. I have handpicked three beautiful lockets, each concealing its own unique festive enchantment…

Mara Hotung’s Tibetan Prayer Box radiates Christmas spirit through the glowing emerald gemstones. The removable inner cube is a unique design feature, meaning that only you will know how to reveal its secrets.

The Gold Love Locket by Lily Blanche is a traditional silhouette to cherish your Christmas crush. This handcrafted piece features six glimmering emeralds and a white winter diamond. As you sparkle under the mistletoe, hold your beloved by your heart and in your hands with this loving item.

For a unique take on a traditional piece, Lily Blanche has also designed a locket to hold eight photographs! This innovative and distinct design not only is aesthetically striking, but also consists of an impeccable structural layout. Create your own magic under the mistletoe with this one-off item.




Gilda Earrings Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings White Deco Chandelier Earrings


With a pair of knockout earrings, you’ll have queues forming to the mistletoe! Christmas is all about indulgence, and nothing screams opulence better than a pair of glittering chandelier earrings. Catch the light delicately as your lips brush together… for what better way to seal the Christmas spirit than with a kiss?

Parisian based designer Gaydamak Jewellery will transform you into a film-noir icon with their Gilda earrings. Mimicking vintage chandeliers, the earrings are the perfect balance between contemporary fluid lines and traditional glamour.

Christmas is all about giving. Indeed, you’ll be giving your beloved a treat to behold when wearing these earrings. Yet in the spirit of altruism, Brandts Jewellery donates £30 to the City of London Migraine Clinic with every purchase of their Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings. Your heart will remain warm throughout the festive season with this gorgeous pick - so share the love today!

Imagine yourself sat elegantly on the chaise lounge… splendent like a 1920’s dancer… waiting patiently under the mistletoe for your darling, as your diamonds dazzle brightly. What a vision you’ll be! Lustre Of London clearly designed their White Deco Chandelier Earrings with you in mind. Handmade using 224 white cut diamonds, you’ll feel like the epitome of elegance and grace.




Sterling Silver Lichen Brooch Medium Silver Links Brooch Two Leaf Diamond Brooch


Quinta Essenza | Sterling Silver Lichen Brooch | £230.00
So many fashionistas miss a unique style opportunity by disregarding brooches. Brooches were all the rage of the Romantic poets such as Wordsworth and Keats. Inspired by the beauty of nature, they would adorn their clothing in floral pins and brooches, paying homage to nature’s magnificence. Brooches are therefore the perfect item to signify love and romance this festive season. If your aesthetic resides in the unconventional, peruse our top brooch picks for a mistletoe kiss that celebrates the Romantics of today.

Like the Romantics, designer Roberta Pederzoli takes inspiration from the Scottish landscapes. Pin on your collar or to fasten a scarf, you’ll be the apple of someone’s eye with this striking silver masterpiece.

Glenda Lopez’s Silver Link Brooch is a piece for a bold and edgy chica or chico. As a symbol of interconnectivity, the chain form will express love and devotion to your mistletoe beau. This fun statement brooch is made for those of you with a quirky side. Champion brooch bliss and seal with a kiss!

This wintry brooch perfectly captures the Christmas spirit! RI NOOR’s expert craftsmanship imbues this piece with the sense of luxury everyone should feel at Christmas. The 14kt white gold will gleam brighter than your Christmas lights. Whilst diamonds are indeed a person’s best friend, I’m sure they can momentarily step aside whilst you and your beloved shine under the mistletoe.

I guarantee you will radiate festive romance in these gorgeous jewels… Shop our other Christmas-inspired pieces to ensure you emulate film-star glamour under the mistletoe this Christmas!