Crosses are a symbol of religion and can be portrayed in a number of ways to create a statement and fashionable pieces for your collection. 

Here are 8 cross necklaces that feature here at JewelStreet.

9kt Gold Sideways Cross Necklace - Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery £240

If you’re looking for a classic but has a little edge to it, then this 9kt Gold Sideways Cross Necklace should be right up your street. 

It’s also available in Yellow, Rose and White Gold to ensure preference is met for anybody interested in this piece. It’s a cross necklace that represents humankind and compassion.

Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery is responsible for this creation and has been making bespoke, head-turning jewellery in Chislehurst, London, since 2007. They use British craftsmanship to make their pieces and have plenty of advice when it comes to using diamonds and precious gemstones in their work.

Large Cross - Zoila Jewellery £180

Crosses are all about symbolism, and this piece is certainly doing just that. The Large Cross is made out of sterling silver and beautifully crafted. It sits on a black, silk cord and is one that offers simplicity in its design.

Zolia Jewellery is more than just an accessory in a jewellery box and creates designs that are eccentric and quirky in their art form. Founded in 2014 by Eleni Zolia, her work has been recognised as a popular UK brand of jewellery.

The pieces are described as being unconventional but fitting for the confident and stylish 21st-century woman. With a cutting-edge design that pushes boundaries, this cross necklace is one for your collection.

Sterling Silver Mandala Heart Cross Pendant Necklace - CarterGore £45


This beautiful heart cross necklace is inspired by the super ornate Mexican crosses - rich in pattern, print and jewels.

CarterGore is based in the UK and creates unique jewellery with a commitment to integrity and authentic care for the craft. Every piece is handmade, from hand-drawn sketches to careful craftsmanship, every beautiful piece is designed to withstand the tests of time.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace Large - Elindesign Jewellery £140

Made out of solid sterling silver, this silver cross necklace can be one that combines well with the smaller version.

There are various chain lengths available to suit the wearer and are simple in its design. A raw surface adds texture to the piece and something that will stand out from the outfit worn with it. 

Elindesign Jewellery is run by Swedish designer Elin Zoenso. She works with recycled silver and gold when it comes to her pieces and ethic diamonds too. She’s known for her use of raw surfaces of metal and takes the classic forms and twists them in her own way.

18kt Gold Plated Silver Inca Cross Pendant Necklace - SOLUNA £160

A modern take on the traditional cross necklace, this is designed for the experienced and contemporary woman. 

Crafted from the finest 925 silver and plated with an 18kt yellow gold, it gives it a look that will be timeless and be a piece that stands the test of time in your jewellery box or stands.

It serves elegance, and the Inca cross symbol is an ancient one that has a story to tell, much like the woman who wears it. Wear it every day to add a touch of elegance or to vamp up your evening attire. 

SOLUNA London was launched in 2015 by Miguel Depax and has been an innovator when it comes to the luxury high-end jewellery market. His designs are inspired by his Peruvian heritage.

18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamonds Bloody Cross Necklace - Nicofilimon £1,864


Featuring a dainty, ruby gemstone and a line of diamonds that span along with the whole cross, this is a unique piece that has been done with exceptional work. It’s a twist on the classic and is a masterpiece in design and craftsmanship. It’s truly a statement piece that oozes luxury and is guaranteed to catch the eye.

The 18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamonds Bloody Cross Necklace is designed by the unconventional jewellery brand Nicofilimon. Founded by designer Nikos Garbis, he sees jewellery as an art form. He’s renowned for creating handcrafted, dramatic, avant-garde pieces that have a distinct Eastern twist.

Sterling Silver Ankh Labradorite Rosary Chain Necklace - ClonferoDaPonte £1,135


Crosses can come in many forms, and so the Egyptian Ankh cross symbol can also be a statement piece. It is a symbol that stands for life itself after all and is made out of gorgeous sterling silver. 

The length of the chain can be doubled up to show off the appearance of a choker style but can also be lengthened to hang down to the navel. 

Another design from ClonferoDaPontes, her handmade fashion accessories are something that anyone can wear, whatever the occasion.

18kt Rose Gold Black Diamonds Cross Pendant - Zeina Nassar Jewelry £375

This 18kt Rose Gold Black Diamonds Cross Pendant is part of the Contemporary Collection by Zeina Nassar Jewelry. It reflects timeless but modern beauty, and it’s certainly a stunning piece. 

It’s designed to evoke passion, joyfulness and will last for many years by anyone who has it in their collection.

Zeina Nassar Jewelry is Beirut-based and offers luxurious pieces that have a distinctive style. Drawing inspiration from colours, women, and nature.

With over 200 designer brands to pick from, you’re spoilt for choice when picking out any of these cross necklaces and pendants for yourself.

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