Scattered on your coffee table or worked into your skincare routine, the easiest (and prettiest) way to bring crystals into your life is through jewellery.

They’ve been newsworthy for a while now, as the wellness trend continues to take the A-list and everyday-list by storm. But who really has time for daily yoga and mindfulness? We’re up for improving our physical and mental wellbeing, but we’ve got a much easier answer.

Crystals are not only beautiful but they’re known for their positive energies and healing powers. Everything from promoting calmness and boosting self-esteem to bringing balance to an individual's life and mind. But rather than lugging round heavy crystals with you at all times, why not wear them around your neck? Or your finger? Or your wrist? (So what if they don’t work, they look great!)

Whether you’re curious about them or on the sceptical side, where’s the harm in embracing a little extra positive energy? Here are some of our favourite crystals and their healing powers.


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Rose quartz: for love

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals, often used for those seeking love. By replacing negativity with loving energies, the crystal opens individuals up for trust and self-forgiveness. Trying for a baby? This stone could help fertility.

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Amethyst: for positivity

Amethyst is a great all-round healing crystal. It can relieve stress, remove negativity and sadness, and ease grief. As well as being a source of support, the beautiful purple stone is said to help focus the mind and even reduce the effect of headaches.

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Jade: for a detox

Jade is a symbol of serenity and has been used as a health tool for years. It’s used to purify the body and if placed on the body, it’s said to stimulate the filtration system and help get rid of toxins. Its properties promote longevity, purity, fertility and wisdom. 

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Citrine: for business

This stone is perfect for entrepreneurs due to its ability to stimulate the brain and increase self-esteem and motivation. Its properties promote prosperity, creativity, digestion and confidence. Did you know it’s nicknamed the “Merchant’s Stone” as wearing it is said to attract good fortune.

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Clear quartz: for healing

Referred to as the “master healer”, clear quartz is great for healing. It supposedly holds and regulates negative energies, leaving the wearer feeling revitalised.  The stone is said to be the bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind, thus enhancing our psychic abilities.

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Turquoise: for fighting pollutants

Living in a big city? Always using public transport? Turquoise protects against external pollutants by enhancing your immune system. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. Plus, if you’re prone to mood swings, the ocean-hued stone could help you, as it stabilises your mood and helps calm fears.

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