Are cufflinks for women even a thing? They are. But they're not common. We think that's a shame, and if you're not wearing cufflinks then you're missing out. Welcome to the wonderful, vibrant and varied world of women's cufflinks, with 5 ways to wear them successfully. 

If you enjoy jewellery of any sort you should check out women's cufflinks. Like all jewels they add colour, drama, and interest to your outfits. And they come to suit all occasions - you don't need to wait for that wedding to wear them. 

Take a look at how to make the most of cufflinks for women, with 5 ways to make them work for you. 

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Women's cufflinks, a practical guide

Don't worry. You don't need any hiden knowledge to successfully wear cufflinks. You don't even need to have any sewing skills - although it can be helpful. 

However, cufflinks are - perhaps uniquely - an item of jewellery designed usually with men in mind. 

Even trying to find suitable images of women wearing cufflinks is a struggle. 

When people think of cufflinks they think of this:

a shirt and cufflink

Women are pictured giving cufflinks to their chiselled guy. Almost never wearing them. 

But media photo editors need to catch up with our more gender-fluid times. And cufflinks, while they're most often aimed at men, are just assemblies of metals and stone. 

In fact, as they're jewellery designed to be worn in an item of clothing rather than on the body there aren't the sizing issues women sometimes have if they fancy trying out a traditionally masculine item. 

If you like them you should wear them. 

Cufflinks and shirts: a guide for women

Cufflinks are worn in button holes at the cuffs of a shirt. We all know that. But they don't work well - although they can work - in a standard cuff. 

Cufflinks are designed to be worn with French cuffs. 

These cuffs account for the extra-long sleeves of some men's dress shirts. 

The sleeve folds back to create the doubled French cuff. 

This is a strong look in and of itself - swashbucking, but also flowing and feminine. 

You can, if you have the skills, make your own French cuffs.

This is a great guide.


It's possible, but difficult to the extent that it's probably not worth it, to convert standard cuffs to French cuffs. 

There are a growing number of women's blouses and shirts with French cuffs. A quick Google should supply you with some local suppliers. 

5 ways to wear women's cufflinks

Once you've found a shirt or blouse that can support cufflinks you can start to have some fun. 

How should you wear women's cufflinks? 

1. Shop across genders

Sterling silver and blue opal oval cufflinks by Lavan

Do you like this lovely pair of cufflinks? 

They're beautiful aren't they? 

Smart, classic lines in sterling silver that frame an enviable opal. 

These are from London makers, Lavan, and they're generally offered to men. 

Wouldn't they suit you though? 

Cufflinks are generally simple, even minimalist, in design. 

They're more functional than most pieces of jewellery - they hold something in place. 

Now we're well beyond the "pink is for girls blue for boys" age you should consider clicking on guys' choices too. Check dimensions and the fastening style against your button holes and then enjoy. 

2. Especially for women

There are now a number of designers of cufflinks for women. 

Back in the 19th century everyone wore cufflinks. Sewn-in buttons are a relatively modern innovation. 

So designers like the wonderful Miss Cufflinks are just bringing us back home. 

Their designs - and those of other similar makers - are likely to give you a more traditionally feminine look. 

Rhodium Plated Silver Flower Cufflinks by Miss Cufflinks

3. Materials you love

If you want to find cufflinks you'll love a great starting place is choosing a material you love. 

You can consider your budget later. You'll find that materials you may consider "precious", and as a result extremely expensive, are usually available in versions that suit most purses.

Silver gives you a very classic look.

silver cufflinks with personal initials 

Sterling Silver Personalised Disc Cufflinks by HilaryandJune

You can't get more luxurious than gold. 

Gold and opal cufflinks

Handmade 18kt yellow gold plated natural black onyx gemstone cufflinks by Bhagat Jewels

Bu there's lots more choice, including interesting materials like concrete. 

cufflinks in black concrete

Concrete minimalist large square cufflinks by AnjaCapuzzimati

And when it comes to stones on the main face of the link you have a rainbow of choice. 

cufflinks in black onyx cufflinks in green agate red gold cufflinks

18kt yellow gold vermeil urban cufflinks with black, green, and red onyx

4. Formal, informal, and just for fun

Most men don't wear cufflinks as a matter of course.

They're brought out for weddings and other special occasions. 

You should feel free to wear them whenever you feel like it. In fact, women generally have more freedom to splash some colour into their outfits.        

Wherever you can wear your French-cuffed shirt you can wear your favourite cufflinks. 

Just be approprite. 

Glitter like this is for a night out. 

Rhodium plated silver flower cufflinks for women

Rhodium plated silver flower cufflinks by Miss Cufflinks

5. Cufflinks for women. Beyond the shirt

Cufflinks are, we've told you, functional. 

But they don't have to be. 

You don't have to wear a cufflink in a button hole of a French-cuffed shirt. 

A lot of women do the next most obvious thing and use a cufflink in a cuffed (or turned up) trouser. 

But, if you have a means of attachment, you can wear cufflinks with anything. 

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