How to propose

When we think of engagement, we think dinner, candles, flowers, romantic music, fancy outfits... but our engagement was nothing like this. It was truly a fairy tale. A story that we all dream of. A romantic film that we want to be a part of.

On Thursday night, January 2017, Michael was working late. He didn’t get home until 11pm. Dajana was worrying. She wanted him to eat something hot and wanted them to spend some time together. They were both busy with work that week. Deadlines were a stressful time. Eventually, he got home but had to go to work again in the early hours. Just before 6am, he kissed Dajana goodbye and said he would miss her that day. She was confused. ''Miss me? You will call me at lunch, right? Like you always do?'' to which he said, ''Of course I will''.

She got up just after 6am. Normal routine before work. She left the house and headed to the bus stop to get on the bus. It was a chilly morning. Nothing special. She grabbed a paper on the way to her seat. Suddenly, some guy shouted from the bottom of his lungs: “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please!” She literally jumped up from her seat! She saw a man dressed up in a suit, with a red sash across his waist. He went on to say: “I have a message of great importance to deliver and I am in search of Dajana Sadowska”.

Dajana froze. “Who is this man?” She slowly raised her hand up. Everyone was looking at her and smiling.

The message said that her prince was awaiting her far away, and wanted to unite with her forever. She had to find him. The message also said that she will meet people that will help her out and she will have to collect clues to find the right way.

On hearing this, Dajana turned around and saw Marcin, Mike's brother, sitting a few seats behind her. He was filming everything! 

It was at this point that she was given her first clue, which was written on a piece of paper: GO TO THE PLACE WE FIRST MET.

Then Marcin asked her to leave the bus and follow him. They crossed the road and got in the car. A very fancy Mercedes. She knew where to go.. They met playing volleyball at y-club, 4 years ago.

Her heart was beating so fast that she started crying. But what about work? It was still Friday after all. Little did Dajana know, but Mike had already arranged everything with her boss! Oh my!

When they got to the place from the first clue, Dajana was greeted by Michael's sister, Magda. First, she asked Dajana a question that Mike prepared: Against what team did Phoenix play when you first agreed to go out with me? That was easy, Bolton! Then Magda handed a second clue : GO TO THE PLACE WE AGREED TO BE TOGETHER.

So they went... to an unknown street in Bolton. There was nothing special about it, but it was magical for the two of them. When Dajana got there with Marcin, she found Michael's Dad waiting there with another question: Name all the countries we visited together. Well, there were many. Such as: Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Wales, Scotland..  and she managed to get them all right. The third clue stated: GO TO THE PLACE WHERE WE USUALLY MET BEFORE MOVING IN TOGETHER. Okay, easy : her parent's house.

How to propose

Dajana couldn't believe her partner had involved sooo many people in the plan.

On the way to her family's house, she's been receiving texts from her closest friends; there were mainly life quotes about love, changes, and new challenges.

When they got there, she faced another challenge. She had to put in chronological order more than 100 pictures of her and Mike together. On the back of each photo, there was a letter so that when all of the photos has been placed together, they spelled the location she had to go next. It was hard but she knew perfectly which pictures needed to go first. She managed to get the first two words : MANCHESTER AIRPORT. Then, with a little help of Marcin, she knew she had to go to TERMINAL ONE.

She couldn't believe it. Where did she have to go? She had no passport, luggage, nothing! Her parents joined her on the way down to the airport. In there, her mum gave her clue number 4: GO TO THE PLACE ON THE AIRLINE TICKET AND LOOK AROUND THE TERMINAL BUILDING. FIND A GUY CALLED “MARK” WHO IS A SENIOR CHECK IN AGENT WORKING FOR ME :)

Great. This was the hardest challenge she faced so far. But she didn’t give up. She wanted to finally meet Mike and hug him. Now she understood why he said that he would miss her... she felt like she didn't see him in ages.

How to propose

Well, as you can imagine, she asked a few people working at the airline and managed to find Mark. It was the wrong Mark! He didn't have a clue what was going on but quickly helped her to find the right guy. The Mark Dajana was looking for, was working for Lufthansa airline. When she reached the ticket desk, he handed her a boarding pass. “ You are going to Frankfurt”. With no passport? No way! But suddenly Mike's dad gave Mark Dajana's passport. She stated crying. She couldn't believe how he had organised everything. How did she not know about it?

Dajana's mum gave her a bag of goodies that Mike had prepared at 3am in the morning! He went to the shop to buy sandwiches, chocolate bars, some fruits. He also put a credit card and some spare money in an envelope, he wrote some numbers down just in case her phone died and she had to make a call to her family. He thought of everything!

Mark also added that just before landing in Frankfurt, one of the crew members will give her further directions. Yeah, literally everyone knew!

SO just like Mark said, on the plane, just before landing, one of the crew members came down to her and gave her another boarding pass. “You know where you going right? You are now heading to Rome”. That was just too much... once again Dajana couldn't stop herself from crying.

In Frankfurt airport she rang up her mum “ I am going to Rome!” But guess what? Her mum knew... “Yes darling you are going to Rome and Mike is already there, waiting for you.” No way... She couldn't wait to see him!

On the plane to Rome, she read the last clue Mike left in the goodies bag : NOT TOO LONG NOW DARLING! AT THE AIRPORT, FIND A GENTLEMAN WITH A BOARD WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. HE WILL DRIVE YOU ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE HOTEL. THEN GO TO THE RECEPTION. Yes, it is a fairy tale.

She quickly found a guy with a board on which it was written : MISS DAJANA SADOWSKA/ARNDT!

They were driving around Rome for more than an hour. She was worrying as it was definitely too long. “It's bad traffic, I am sorry” said the Italian chauffeur. Okay, no worries. They finally drove thought a very dark road. She was scared but at the end she saw a light that kept changing colours. When they reached the place, she froze. She saw a beautiful medieval castle with a high tower in the middle. Just behind the gate, there was a massive tree, that was changing colours from red to green then to yellow and so on.

How to propose

At first she thought they will be only having a romantic dinner there but she knew she was wrong when after waiting a little while in the restaurant, she was given the tower! Yes!

He didn't book a room, he booked a three story tower! She climbed the first set of stairs. There was a massive box placed by the window. She completely ignored what was placed on the table. Too much for one day... but she climbed the next set of stairs and got to the bedroom. It was the most beautiful bedroom in the world! Just exactly what every girl dreams of.

She left her coat on a bed and turned around. She saw another set of stairs, climbed to the top and saw a big glass door. She opened them just slightly so she could see a table full of candles, a bottle of champagne and a sky full of stars.

She'd been told that Mike would be arriving late so she didn't want to spoil the whole thing. But she felt that there was something else on the rood of the tower. She opened a door and went outside... and he was there... Standing in the shadows. She saw his figure in the lights of candles and the moon. DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY....TOO LATE! She hugged him so hard he couldn't move. Then you probably know what happened.


How to propose

He gently put a diamond ring on her finger and they spent the most amazing night and long sunny day in Rome! And the luggage? He packed them both in the morning.

Mike asked her parents for Dajana's hand in marriage that morning. Then he got back home, packed them both a bag and headed to the airport. The big box placed on the window? They were flowers that he ordered to the castle. And the table Dajana ignored? There was a note saying FIND ME and an empty ring box. But Dajana didn't need that. She found him because she followed her heart. If you tell me that fairy tales don't happen or films are only films, I will never ever believe you!