Bang Bang Black Titanium and Black Diamonds Pendant

Today, I’m talking about the heavy metal jewellery that you desperately need in your life. Music and fashion are often interlinked, and you’ll find that jewellery trends tend to coincide with the charts. However, heavy metal is less about popularity and more about loyalty. Fans of the heavy metal genre are loyal to it, and jewellery has remained loyal to it too. Dark and daring are words synonymous with this style of jewellery, and you definitely need some in your wardrobe. Find out why you should be investing in this lifelong trend, and discover new ways to make your style more angular, more edgy and more diverse. 

You don’t need to know the genre to appreciate the artform. Edge on over to the dark side and indulge in jewellery that draws the eye and makes a big statement. Make everyday a day for wearing the colour black... you can never go wrong. It can be easily incorporated into any outfit, any style and any aesthetic. There is not one high end fashion brand I can think of that doesn’t incorporate the darkness in some way. Take a look at these inspiration pictures gathered from Balmain runways over the past few years. They are still as striking and impactful as ever. Step out of your comfort zone and stray into the darkness. There is a whole world of chunky, heavy, spiked and studded pieces out there just calling your name.


Dark Romance

 Darkness and devotion. This divine Sterling Silver bracelet and ring set have an aura of mysteriousness and passion to them. They are chunky and have a weighty presence, yet they exude a subtle femininity and softness through delicate curvature and light reflection. There are no pieces more entrancing or mesmerising than these. It will cast a spell on all who set eyes on it. Hypnotise and revolutionise in luxury handmade jewellery that channels a darkness that can’t even be conceptualised. This is a fashion statement and a half. Incorporate these items into your daily jewellery box and you won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that will add a classic edge to your office style, then look no further. Signet rings are unisex and can be worn by both men and women in all walks of life. Make the whole office jealous with your diverse style, and show a different side of yourself that they may not have seen before. You are confident, you are passionate and you are forging your own path.

Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Dark Romance Ring

 Miglio | Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Sabrina Bracelet, Sterling Silver Plated Dark Romance Ring | £40.00 and £65.00

Sculptural Forms

Sometimes it’s not about the weightiness of the item, it’s about the absurdity. I’m talking absurdity as in designs that inspire awe and wonder. Designs that look almost like illusions. They make you think about how they were so expertly designed. This is an edge that can often only be found in handmade jewellery. Handcrafting metals is an art, and each designer is an artist and sculptor in their own right. 

The below pieces are handmade in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Zolia Jewellery pride themselves in being pioneers for the creation of interdisciplinary forms. These are pieces that cannot be confined to the mere term of “jewellery”. They are quirky artworks, sculptural masterpieces, architectural designs, sparkling silhouettes, eco-centric emblems. Zolia are at the forefront of modern thinking and modern design. They believe that jewellery should not just be an accessory. It is a part of who you are. Imperfect, variable, unconventional. This difference is what breeds confidence in its wearers.

Heavy Metal Edit

Zolia Jewellery | Rock I Necklace, Rock I Bracelet, Rock II Bracelet, Rock II Necklace | £280.00, £372.00, £430.00 and £330.00


Dark & Divine 

Edginess comes from being daring, provocative and trend-setting. There is no piece that fits the bill better than the Sword Breaker Onyx Bracelet by Marcos De Andrade. It has been expertly handcrafted using the finest materials, and has been encrusted with Jet Black Swarovski Crystals. This is a brand born out of a desire to design dark and desirable pieces for the style-conscious man. Designer Marcos has made many statement in regard to his design motivation: “Style is power and self-expression, I want men to feel confident when they wear my designs.”

Ultimately, the contemporary man and woman deserve jewellery that encourages them to shine. Both literally and metaphorically. Adding an edge to your style highlights your individuality and reveals you inner character.  Pop these pieces on and remember to wear your leather jacket to complete the look.

Sword Breaker Onyx Bracelet With Titanium Black

MARCOS DE ANDRADE | Sword Breaker Onyx Bracelet With Titanium Black | £209.00

 Images sourced from Pinterest.