I met my wife-to-be on a ski season, in Whistler, Canada. My friends had gone out a few weeks before me and met her there. They kept saying to me "we've met this girl and she's definitely your type" and I kept thinking "what do they know?". I met her on my first night there, and that was it... I guess my friends do know me!

On Saturday the 25th of March 2017, I took her to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. She had always wanted to go to Edinburgh so this was a bucket list tick. I woke her up super early in the morning as I wanted the place to myself. She was half asleep as we started the hike at 7am! When we got to the top it was just us, and it was blue skies. You could see for miles.

She doesn't like smushy stuff, so I didn't do any of the "I love you so much" stereotypical proposal speech. I just said: "remember when your mum was saying that we need a good excuse for a party? Well, I was thinking we could have a big engagement party". She had clocked on to what I was about to ask straight away. 

At this point, she started to cry as I pulled the ring box out. When I got down to one knee and opened the box though, the ring flew out and landed on the floor! Nightmare. I grabbed it and went to put it on her finger, which was hard work as it was pretty cold up there.

We celebrated by going to the Balmoral Hotel where I had arranged a champagne afternoon tea. They gave us a private booth to sit in and gave us complimentary champagne too!

That evening, we met some friends who were in the area. They had rung us when they saw a picture of her hand with the ring on Facebook. They took us out in town to celebrate and have more sparkling wine.